Latvia’s defense plan in case of attack by Russia and Belarus revealed

Three years before large-scale war “In responding to changing security challenges, the Latvian state defense system needs to be comprehensive and needs to be based on the readiness of the entire society and state institutions to overcome the crisis, as well as resilience against external influence,” postulates the Ministry of Defense. “The private sector, non-governmental … Read more

kicked a doctor, broke his glasses, and the police don’t even see the “administrative card”

The police were called. After a four-month investigation, it was concluded that there was no administrative violation. The cost of glasses can only be returned in court. Laura believes that the patient should have received a fine because “even for an illegally parked car we get fines.” But not for assault. “I wonder what the … Read more

Patras: Three Departments with only 9 professors – 2024-03-30 20:59:13

At least three departments of the University of Patras have only nine members of Teaching and Research Staff. At the same time, the admitted students in these Departments are more than 200. According to the information given to us by rector of the University of Patras, Christos Bourasare the Departments: Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Nursings. … Read more

Concerns Rise as Covid Cases Increase Ahead of the Holiday Season – Stay Informed

2023-12-14 15:09:46 The number of positive Covid cases is on the rise and causes concern as the holiday season approaches / Getty Images Concern is growing as the Christmas holidays approach, and as Public Health France indicators show an increase in Covid cases, and a growing impact on hospitals. Among these indicators, one shows the … Read more

Exploring the Santiago Pan American Village 2023: A Judoka’s Perspective

2023-10-21 11:35:09 The Bolivian judoka Martin Michel remained dazzled with the Santiago Pan American Village 2023. In a video published on social networks, the athlete highlighted the departments. Through Tik Tok, the highland athlete showed what will be your home during the maximum multi-sport event that Chile has received in its history. “Here is your … Read more

COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Struggles in France as Epidemic Declines: Latest Updates and Data

2023-10-20 11:06:13 The Covid vaccination campaign in France is struggling to take off, while the epidemic seems to be in decline / Getty Images/iStockphoto. (Getty Images/iStockphoto) The peak of Covid-19 cases seems to have been reached, and the decline is confirmed on a national scale, according to the latest data published by Santé Publique France. … Read more

Minister of Education Decides to Connect Departments to Regions in Certain Governorates, Endowing Education Directors with Additional Authority, Except for Three Governorates.

The Minister of Education, Youssef Al-Bunyan, has issued a decision to link education departments in the governorates with the general departments of education in the regions of the Kingdom, rather than directly with the ministry. The decision specifies that the general administrations of education in Jeddah, Taif, and Al-Ahsa will remain administratively affiliated with the … Read more