China-Singapore ‘Cooperation-2023’ Joint Army Training: Comprehensive Exercises for Joint Urban Anti-Terrorism Operations

2023-09-13 02:28:00 Original title: China-Singapore “Cooperation-2023” joint army training transitions to real-force comprehensive exercise The participating team members conduct target capture training.Photo by Liu Xun People’s Liberation Army Daily, Singapore, September 11. Special correspondent Cheng Xinan and correspondent Luo Kunkang reported: On September 10, the “Cooperation-2023” army joint training between China and Singapore entered the … Read more

Building a High-Performance PC for 4K Gaming on a Budget: Expert Tips and Recommendations

2023-09-12 22:05:00 Aim! Late training in 4K, high quality! He plans to build a PC with a high-performance GPU for 250,000 yen.Here we will introduce a self-made plan that emphasizes cost performance. The budget for the first machine was set at 250,000 yen. It’s not cheap, but it doesn’t have a generous budget to target … Read more

Zenfone 10: A Compact and Powerful Android Smartphone with Advanced Features

2023-09-08 23:05:00 “Zenfone 10” The 5.9-inch Android-powered smartphone “Zenfone 10,” which is said to be “compact and powerful,” has been released. The lineup is as follows: The model with 16GB of memory capacity and 512GB of storage capacity comes in two colors: “Midnight Black” and “Starry Blue.” The model with 8GB of memory and 256GB … Read more

Brokerages are discussing that the proportion of financing margins has dropped to 80%, and the counter-cyclical adjustment of the two financings will help activate the market

2023-08-28 00:26:00 China Fund Daily reporter Liu Mingmo Lin The proportion of financing margin dropped to 80%, which has aroused widespread concern in the market. On August 27, in order to implement a package of policy arrangements recently issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission to “activate the capital market and boost investor confidence”, the … Read more

A wave of property market policies has been released!The first home loan “recognizes the house and does not need to subscribe for the loan”, and residents buy houses to continue the tax rebate preferential treatment

2023-08-25 07:33:12 (Original title: A wave of property market policies has been released! The first home loan “recognizes the house without subscribing to the loan”, residents continue to buy houses and continue to enjoy tax rebates, and continue to implement tax incentives for public rental housing!) According to news from Xinhua News Agency on August … Read more

Unifying Your Gaming Setup: Discover CORSAIR’s White Gaming Devices for a Sleek and Stylish Experience

2023-08-20 15:00:00 Now that it has become easier to obtain a gaming PC that sticks to white coloring, there are probably many gamers who want to have their gaming devices in white. So this time, we will introduce a white gaming device that CORSAIR is selling. With CORSAIR products, the basic set of keyboard, mouse, … Read more