Understanding Vitamin Needs: Why Taking Vitamin Complexes Year-Round is Crucial

2023-09-27 00:37:00 Many people think that over the summer they can accumulate vitamins in reserve even until next year, but this is a fundamentally incorrect statement. The abundance of fruits, vegetables and berries does not allow a person to accumulate the required amount of vitamins and store them somewhere, using them as needed, said endocrinologist … Read more

The Importance of Consulting a Doctor for Proper Vitamin Usage: Don’t Risk Your Health!

2023-09-13 17:14:22 Only a doctor can decide how much and how often to take vitamins. Don’t be lazy Today, even children know why it is useful to walk outside on a sunny day: thereby a person compensates for the deficiency of vitamin D in the body. According to doctors, this is the most effective way … Read more

Title: “Devastating Morocco Earthquake: Thousands Dead and Urgent Relief Efforts Underway”

2023-09-11 01:00:37 Severe destruction, suffering and despair: several thousand people died in the worst earthquake to hit Morocco in decades. The Moroccan Interior Ministry spoke on Sunday afternoon of more than 2,100 deaths, plus at least 2,400 injured and hundreds missing. Rescue and recovery forces continue to search for survivors in the accident areas. However, … Read more

Boosting Metabolism and Preventing Age-Related Diseases: Natural Remedies for Healthy Aging

2023-09-03 05:17:00 Age-related changes are associated with the restructuring of the body and a decrease in the activity of metabolic processes. Natural remedies help stimulate metabolism at the cellular level. Prevent disease – Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, unfortunately, remain incurable and are getting younger. According to the World Health Organization, by 2050 … Read more

Florida’s Storm Damage from Idalia: Updates, News, and Impacts

2023-08-31 05:50:23 © dpa Florida faces storm damage from Idalia Directly from the dpa video channel The fear of “Idalia” was great: the storm hit the coast of the US state of Florida as a severe hurricane, but weakened quickly and, according to initial estimates, left less destruction in its wake than feared. However, the … Read more

Severe Storm Causes Chaos and Flight Delays at Mallorca Airport

2023-08-28 14:52:00 The storms led to dozens of flights being postponed at Mallorca Airport on Sunday. Numerous tourists had to spend the night at the airport. Photo: dpa/Clara Margais A storm has caused chaos on the Spanish holiday island of Mallorca. Heavy rainfall and hurricane-force winds caused considerable property damage. Dozens of flights had to … Read more