The LTV editors don’t see the potential for canceling election debates in Russian

The Council notes that the debates on Rus.lsm are solely a small a part of the packages and supplies that LTV and the general public media portal LSM will provide within the run-up to the European Parliament elections, for instance, the collection of packages “Who must be within the European Parliament?” with host Janis Domburs … Read more

Museum of History and Navigation in critical condition; The Ministry of Finance does not give money

A year ago, the Riga History and Maritime Museum celebrated its 250th anniversary. It is not only the oldest public museum in Latvia and the Baltic countries, but also the third oldest in Europe. The museum has more than half a million exhibits. Many of them have unique value. The façade of one building was … Read more

Businesses call for raising the personal income tax threshold to 2,000 euros

According to the Central Statistical Office (CSO), in the last quarter of last year the average monthly salary before taxes was 1,610 euros. In some industries or regions it was much higher. For example, in Riga, full-time employees earned 1,706 euros last year, and the average salary in at least four industries in the country … Read more

As summer approaches, there are more and more repairs on the roads.

Most of the work is carried out on regional roads. The greatest traffic restrictions are observed on the regional road near Ventspils in the direction of Kolka (P124) and between Kangari and Tinuzi (P10). At both locations mentioned, there are five temporary traffic light sections that will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. In connection … Read more Compared to previous years, the situation is no better now

He noted that when communicating with the heads of Latvian hospitals, one can conclude that the situation has not changed, but there are industries that suffer more, for example, those hospitals that provide assistance during childbirth, as they are losing money because the range of unprofitable activities is increasing and unpaid services. In response to … Read more

the largest pension is still 43,000 euros per month

Citing data security laws, VSAA does not disclose details of who is the recipient of the country’s largest pension. However, the institution states that a significant amount of the pension was achieved as a result of recalculations related to the deductions of solidarity tax on old-age pensions. At the same time, the next four largest … Read more

Ukraine will decide what to do with the richest citizen of Latvia

Last year, the Seimas adopted amendments to the citizenship law, providing for the possibility of depriving Latvian citizenship of persons who provide significant support for Russia’s war against Ukraine. BZS expects that Ukraine will be able to provide Latvia with information about whether Aven actively supported the war. As Zviedris explained, Ukraine is currently investigating … Read more

According to 47.1% of Latvian companies, the non-taxable minimum should be 700 euros

In Latvia, 47.1% of businesses believe that the tax-free minimum should be the minimum wage, which is currently 700 euros, according to a survey conducted by Jumis pro, the developer of the Jumis business management system. According to Jumis pro, the survey was conducted because high inflation in recent years has left businesses under pressure … Read more