Controversial Sex Education Training in French-speaking Belgium: The Turmoil Explained

2023-09-24 12:20:04 By Samuel Fitoussi Published 2 hours ago, Updated 59 minutes ago A protest rally against the Evras program on September 7. ERIC LALMAND / AFP CHRONICLE – Every Monday, for Le Figaro, our columnist takes an ironic look at the news. This week, he is interested in the turmoil caused, in French-speaking Belgium, … Read more

Debate on the Legalization of Cannabis: Politicians’ Perspectives and Personal Experiences

2023-09-05 17:00:00 In an interview that Pierre-Yves Dermagne gave to our newspaper on Tuesday, the Socialist Deputy Prime Minister explains that he had already smoked joints when he was young. And spoke out in favor of the legalization of cannabis. This is also the official position of the PS, “which wishes to legalize by setting … Read more

Gabon’s Political Transition: General Brice Oligui Nguema Sworn in as President

2023-08-31 18:11:07 Published on: 08/31/2023 – 20:11 General Brice Oligui Nguema, who has been named “president of the transition”, will be sworn in on Monday, September 4. The putschists promise the “gradual establishment of transitional institutions”. Gabon “will respect all its internal and external commitments”. The main opposition alliance is asking them to complete the … Read more

Citizens will be able to ask questions in the debates prior to the general elections in October

2023-08-26 16:12:19 Once the PASO has been passed, the National Electoral Chamber (CNE) is now focused on preparing the mandatory presidential debates with a view to the general elections on October 22, with the novelty this year that they will include the participation of citizens in the formulation of questions. “We want them to be … Read more

Controversial Critique of ‘Les lacs du Connemara’: The Impact on French Culture and Politics by Juliette Armanet

2023-08-13 13:15:00 “Juliette Armanet, and all the others, make an often voluntary amalgam between the media man, with thunderous but cleverly orchestrated rants, and the artist with a hundred million records sold.” Press / AFP / PASCAL POCHARD-CASABIANCA FIGAROVOX/ANALYSIS – The singer of “L’Indien”, who sold 200,000 copies of her latest album, dared to criticize … Read more

The Provocative Race: The Outrageous Remarks and Ideological Agenda in the Race for Attention

2023-08-04 14:20:00 ” data-script=” > FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – Less than 24 hours after the death of the former boss of Miss France, the ecologist deputy accused him “of having rolled back the image and the rights of women”. For Maxime Tandonnet, these outrageous remarks are part of an endless race for provocation. A keen observer of … Read more