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MinSalud announced $ 715 billion pesos for EPS for covid care

The Ministry of Health announced this Thursday a new payment to EPS for the “covid 19 baskets”, that is, the services and technologies necessary for the care of patients with the disease in the country.

The injection of $ 715,000 million pesos will go to 36 EPS, 14 from the contributory regime and 22 from the subsidized one. The allocation of resources will serve to pay the higher costs of the epidemiological peak of the pandemic, which include basic hospital care services, medium hospital care and hospital care in an intensive care unit.

Previously, in consideration of the behavior of the covid-19 in the country, the Ministry of Health made a similar allocation for $ 1.85 billion pesos to the EPS.

According to Marcela Brun Vergara, director of Regulation of Benefits, Costs and Rates, these recognitions respond to the fact that “current resources that are allocated annually have not been enough The unmet needs have arisen by the sources of financing already foreseen ”.

The Administrator of Resources of the General System of Social Security in Health (ADRES) will make the disbursement to the EPS that have provided the services “in accordance with the beneficiaries and amounts defined by the EPS,” explained Brun.

The official added: “Only in the event that these entities do not present a portfolio for this type of service will they be able to receive the resources directly.”


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