Price cap set for US oil

The consortium of oil-producing countries under the auspices of the OPEC alliance does not aim to maintain a high price for raw materials and make a profit, but to stabilize the market so that income can be received for many years, and the market is settled and less volatile than it is now. However, this … Read more

a burglar hides in the false ceiling, falls… and finds himself face to face with the police!

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, two men broke into a Proxy Delhaize in Haaltert around 4:30 a.m., reports HLN. Upon entering the store, the alarm went off. The police arrived quickly on the spot. “Two strangers broke a window and slipped inside,” said Frederik Vercruyssen, director of Delhaize. He adds: “The silent alarm … Read more

How did we get to this point – Newspaper Kommersant No. 2 (7447) dated 01/10/2023

According to Kommersant, the Russian oil industry increased production by 2% in 2022, to almost 535 million tons. Among the largest oil companies, Surgutneftegaz’s production grew more rapidly, which, according to the results of last year, became the third largest in terms of production, overtaking Gazprom Neft. Of the four largest oil producers, only Rosneft … Read more

The collapse of the roof of a hotel in Turkey and the occurrence of a large number of injuries • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: A video clip documented the collapse of the roof of a hotel in the city of Sarikamish, in the state of Kars, Turkey, and a large number of injuries occurred. The incident occurred during the event commemorating the 108th anniversary of the fall of a large number of deaths from the … Read more

32 injured in Turkish hotel ceiling collapse

A false ceiling collapsed at a hotel in the Turkish city of Sarikamish. More than 32 people were injured. Nine of them have been hospitalized. The general condition of the injured is good, Fahrettin Koca, head of the Federal Ministry of Health, wrote on Twitter. According to information CNN Turkthe collapse occurred during a mass … Read more