Museum of History and Navigation in critical condition; The Ministry of Finance does not give money

A year ago, the Riga History and Maritime Museum celebrated its 250th anniversary. It is not only the oldest public museum in Latvia and the Baltic countries, but also the third oldest in Europe. The museum has more than half a million exhibits. Many of them have unique value. The façade of one building was … Read more

He tried to impress his teacher with acrobatics and broke the classroom ceiling

2023-11-08 11:22:48 When it comes to getting approval from teachers, students may resort to extreme measures. In an attempt to stand out in the last part of the school year, a student chose to perform a risky stunt in front of his teacher. Special channel viral videos of La Voz From a simple exercise to … Read more

“Explosion in Antwerp Building: Investigation Underway”

2023-04-30 05:11:29 The explosion took place around three in the morning, on the third floor of the building. No injuries are to be deplored but the material damage is substantial, according to the Antwerp police. “Doors have been blown off and part of the ceiling is damaged,” said police spokesman Wouter Bruyns. The whole building … Read more

Human resources add a new country for the recruitment of domestic workers.. and set a higher ceiling for recruitment costs

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced that the Republic of Sierra Leone was made available as a new international destination for the recruitment of domestic workers, adding to its previous decision to oblige all establishments that provide mediation services in the recruitment of domestic workers not to exceed the highest … Read more

Price cap set for US oil

The consortium of oil-producing countries under the auspices of the OPEC alliance does not aim to maintain a high price for raw materials and make a profit, but to stabilize the market so that income can be received for many years, and the market is settled and less volatile than it is now. However, this … Read more

a burglar hides in the false ceiling, falls… and finds himself face to face with the police!

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, two men broke into a Proxy Delhaize in Haaltert around 4:30 a.m., reports HLN. Upon entering the store, the alarm went off. The police arrived quickly on the spot. “Two strangers broke a window and slipped inside,” said Frederik Vercruyssen, director of Delhaize. He adds: “The silent alarm … Read more