Beware of Pension Scams: How to Protect Yourself from Phone Call Fraud

2023-12-06 17:40:00 A couple of pensioners from Nandrin had 740 euros stolen following a phone call that seemed larger than life, emanating (supposedly) from the FPS Pensions. Another pensioner (from Wanze), also approached, avoided the trap. Never communicate the numbers that appear on your card reader. – F. DE H. By Françoise De Halleux Journalist … Read more

Could EuroDreams unite European countries for billion-euro prize pools? | FDJ Boss Interview

2023-10-21 09:53:10 We asked the question to Stéphane Pallez, boss of Française des jeux, during the press presentation of the new EuroDreams game, common to 8 eight countries including Belgium. Are prize pools that exceed a billion euros possible in Europe? “In theory yes.” explains the boss of the FDJ. “The situation in Europe is … Read more

Man Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances on Public Highway in Zomergem: Investigation Launched

2023-10-11 12:20:46 A man died on the public highway during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in Zomergem. The East Flanders public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation due to the suspicious circumstances of the death and appointed a forensic doctor to determine the causes. According to the sources of our colleagues at HLN, it concerns … Read more

The Most Unusual Crossings on our Roads: Personalized Plates BAKAKI, JMENFOUS, and More

2023-08-20 09:21:02 Personalized plate: “BAKAKI”, “JMENFOUS”… the most unusual crossings on our roads A few months ago, a license plate shocked a driver on the roads of Brussels. A Nazi reference that makes us wonder what the rules are for personalized plates. We know it, we come across many of them on our roads, sometimes … Read more

Concerns Arise Over Deteriorating Bridges and Retaining Walls in Belgium: Safety and Maintenance Issues

2023-08-14 11:35:52 In Belgium, there are no fewer than 5,561 bridges and 290 retaining walls. These infrastructures allow millions of users to travel freely on Walloon territory every day. But as for the other elements of the road system, these elements are deteriorating, and require renovations. This is where a misunderstanding arises. Fuzzy Considerations This … Read more

Global Rebound of COVID-19 Cases: Updates from United States, United Kingdom, India, Japan, and Belgium

2023-08-12 16:59:55 A rebound is also reported in the United States, the United Kingdom, but also in India or Japan. The number of new cases recorded worldwide jumped 80% over one month, with 1.5 million additional contaminations from July 10 to August 6, the World Health Organization said on Friday. If, since the beginning of … Read more

Tragic Death Investigation: Resident Found Dead in Diksmuide Home – The Disturbing Details

2023-08-07 17:08:34 A resident of Diksmuide gave the alert this Sunday, shortly before noon. According to him, something was wrong with one of his neighbors. And indeed… As reported by HNB, a macabre discovery has been made. After blood was found on the front door, firefighters opened it to find the 58-year-old resident in a … Read more

Severe Allergic Reaction from Hair Braids: A Mother’s Horrifying Experience & Road to Recovery

2023-08-07 14:00:00 New cut not for a new life but for the holidays. When she strolled through a Vendée market last July, Mariella de Bassenge was tempted by braids. of videos The braids laid, the young woman is already complaining of severe pain. “I thought it was normal since everyone says it hurts a little,” … Read more