“Repeated exposure: Considers affordability versus desire”

Dominic, a 50-year-old man from Gingelom, Belgium, and his wife received eight speeding fines in one week, all from the same location, the N755 in Gingelom. Frustrated, Dominic plans to challenge some of the fines since he never had the chance to adjust his driving behavior after his first fine. He argues that they walk … Read more

In “The Best Chip Shop” video, Maria Del Rio discovers she’s serving customers instead.

The latest episode of “The best chip shop” aired on Thursday evening on RTL-TVI, and there was a lively atmosphere. This time, Hainaut joined the competition with Émilie Dupuis as ambassador, following Liège and Walloon Brabant. One of the candidates, Ben and Nathy from “Al’Baraque à Frites” in Mouscron, impressed the jury, receiving a score … Read more

We found the famous “Tonton Tapis”: what happened to it? (video)

The urban legend has agreed to look back on his crazy years, his current life… André Debor, how did you become “Tonton Tapis”? The story of “Tonton Tapis” is an advertising campaign and little by little, it took over the name Debor, which was the name of the store signs that we later changed. The … Read more

Is smoking a cigarette a day really less risky than a whole pack?

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 7:30 PM … 1 We tend to think that health risks are proportional to the number of cigarettes smoked. Bad calculation, for addictologists. © Illustrative photo: Ouest-France archives “A cigarette from time to time, it does not hurt…” A sentence that reassures those who say they are not addicted to tobacco. … Read more

Luis Enrique remembered his deceased daughter before Spain-Germany

Luis Enrique Martinezcoach of the Spanish National Team, remembered his deceased daughter Xana on her birthday and, hours after playing the second match of the Qatar 2022 World Cup against Germany, he sent a heartfelt message on “a very special day”. “Today we are not only playing against the Germans, today is also a very … Read more

Douaihy’s withdrawal will not be the last. Will the council bid farewell to the change?

It seems that the differences between the representatives of change have reached very advanced stages that threaten to break the bloc’s contract. According to what was reported by “Lebanon 24” yesterday, the withdrawal of MP Michel Douaihy from the “Representatives of Change” bloc was not surprising, and it will be followed, according to the information, … Read more