Tragic Death Investigation: Resident Found Dead in Diksmuide Home – The Disturbing Details

2023-08-07 17:08:34

A resident of Diksmuide gave the alert this Sunday, shortly before noon. According to him, something was wrong with one of his neighbors. And indeed… As reported by HNB, a macabre discovery has been made.

After blood was found on the front door, firefighters opened it to find the 58-year-old resident in a pool of blood. The body was behind said front door, down the stairs.

Police say: “It was not immediately clear what happened. An investigation was carried out to find out if there had been, for example, a burglary and/or if the man had been the victim of a theft. None of this was the case. After examination, it turned out that the 58-year-old man was taking blood thinners, which explained the large pool of blood. There was still consultation with the prosecutor, but the hypothesis is that the resident died of a tragic fall down the stairs.

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