Entrepreneur Majid Al-Baqami explains how he transformed his project from a small workshop to a large factory • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Majid Al-Baqami revealed how he started his project in a car radiator repair workshop with a partner with a capital of 80,000 riyals, until the workshop became a large factory.

He said during his arrival as a guest on the meeting program from scratch: “I started a car radiator repair workshop with my cousin’s partner, with a capital of 80,000 riyals, and after the first year we suffered a loss, and I held a session with my partner and told him we need support.”

He continued: “My partner, I do not have salvation support, and the solution is to sell the project. We lose what we lose. We leave this project because it is of no use.”

Al-Baqami continued: “Indeed, we offered the shop for sale, and a buyer came for 40 thousand, so I told my partner, you are looking for 20 thousand and I am 20 thousand, and this is a great loss, and I tried in every way with him to continue in the shop, but he refused.”

He added: “I offered my partner to buy his share for 40 thousand riyals, and I signed checks for him, to pay him a portion every month, and I continued with the project for about 3 months, and I made some adjustments and things turned out well.”

He added: “I changed the location of the workshop, because it was located in the middle of a group of workshops, and is it good for me? The first month I earned 25 thousand riyals, and I felt that I owned the land and what is on it.”

And he continued: “I called my partner, and told him, “We agree with you. I give you 5,000 riyals every month, but I will give you 20,000 riyals now.” He told me, “What happened?” So I told him what happened.

Al-Baqmi said: “My partner came to the workshop and saw the modifications, and I asked him to return, but he refused and said God bless you, and in the second month I earned 35,000 riyals, I returned to my other 20,000 partner.”

He stated: “This was the beginning of my start in business, and the workshop continued with me until it had 10 branches, in Riyadh, Buraydah, Al Dawasir, Jizan, Khamis Mushait, and two branches in Jeddah.”

He concluded: “I began to aspire that the project would become a factory, and I submitted to the Ministry of Industry and obtained a factory permit, and the factory was established to manufacture the radiator, and the factory was weak and produced our workshops, and then expanded.”

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