My father won’t object to me doing kissing scenes as long as they serve the dramatic context! • Observatory Newspaper

2023-05-28 02:17:06 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian artist Omar Hassan Youssef, the son of the artist Hassan Youssef, expressed his willingness to present roles that include hot scenes or kisses, as long as they serve the dramatic context. Youssef’s son added, in televised statements to the Cairo Today program on Al-Youm channel, that he does not … Read more

“The Health Benefits of Bone Broth: Insights from Nutritionists Laura Legos and Gina Litt”

2023-05-25 04:15:51 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Nutritionist, Laura Legos, revealed the benefits of “bone broth” (soup), and does this soup provide health benefits for the body? in case of illness. This broth is made by boiling the bones of animals such as cows, sheep, or birds such as chicken, in water for a long time, and adding … Read more

“Why You Should Avoid Sugar Substitutes: The World Health Organization’s Alarming Warning”

2023-05-22 12:44:45 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The World Health Organization called for the need to completely refrain from using sugar substitutes, in order to control weight. The experts concluded that sugar substitutes, “artificial sweeteners”, do not provide any long-term benefit in reducing the percentage of body fat accumulated in adults or children. Long-term use of sweeteners can … Read more

“Stéphanie from Saint-Georges: Her Struggle to Get Her Car Fixed and the Consequences – A News Report”

2023-05-21 17:00:00 Stéphanie, from Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse, finally sees the end of the tunnel. Last February, the 29-year-old Saint-Georgienne, who currently lives in the United Kingdom, found herself immobilized due to a technical problem with her car, which was almost new. “We bought our Hyundai Tucson in June 2022. I constantly heard a little noise when driving, … Read more

“Top Countries for Healthcare 2023: Qatar Ranks First in the Arab World and 19th Globally”

2023-05-21 16:35:05 Qatar ranked first in the Arab world and 19th in the world, with 73.8 points, in the ranking published by the Numbeo website about the best countries in terms of health care for the year 2023. 1- Qatar: Ranking globally: 19Arabic ranking: 1Points: 73.8 2- Emirates: Ranking globally: 31Arabic ranking: 2Points: 69.6 3- … Read more

“N-VA President Bart De Wever’s stance on governance with Flemish far-right party VB and coalition partners Open VLD and CD&V”

2023-05-21 05:53:05 “If the communists take part in the exercise of power, then my bags are ready”. “If the Vlaams Belang cleans up / cleans up its shit (“zijn shit opkuist” in Dutch, editor’s note), why not? “Says Mr. De Wever when asked about governance with the Flemish far-right party. “But as long as the … Read more