Lake Malawi, a little place of paradise for fishermen and tourists

2023-11-27 14:21:16 Lake Malawi is the third largest in Africa, after Lakes Victoria and Tanganyika. It is one of the deepest lakes on the planet and its crystal clear waters are home to exceptional aquatic fauna, with more than a thousand different species. As for its rocky islands, they offer many breathtaking landscapes. 1701095396 #Lake … Read more

The Impact of Fishing Licenses on Scarcity of Fish: Urgent Call for Government Action in Rufisque-Ouest

2023-11-23 10:49:18 The mayor of the commune of Rufisque-Ouest on Sunday urged the Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy to speak out clearly on the issue of fishing licenses, regularly raised as the cause of the Barça wala barsakh phenomenon. Alioune Mar spoke during a general assembly organized by a committee bringing together associations in … Read more

In Senegal, the lack of fish pushes fishermen into exodus

2023-11-21 16:52:24 Published on : 21/11/2023 – 17:52Modified : 21/11/2023 – 17:56 03:09 In Senegal, the lack of fish pushes fishermen into exodus AFP – SEYLLOU While artisanal fishing provided a livelihood for one in five inhabitants in Senegal, competition from foreign bottom trawlers, overfishing and climate change now leave local fishermen without prospects for … Read more

strengthen cooperation and partnership between Algeria and Turkey

2023-11-09 19:32:36 ALGIERS – Minister of Fisheries and Fisheries Production, Ahmed Badani, received Thursday at the ministry’s headquarters, the Turkish Ambassador to Algiers, Mujahid Kucuk Yilmaz, with whom he examined the prospects for strengthening cooperation and partnership between the two countries, indicates a press release from the ministry. The meeting, which took place in the … Read more

Naval Group Management and Unions in Negotiations for Compliance with New Metallurgy Agreement

2023-10-15 22:50:00 On January 1, the new metallurgy collective agreement (NCCM), signed on February 7, 2022 by the UIMM and three trade union organizations representing this branch (CFDT, CFE-CGC, FO), will come into force. In this perspective, management and unions of Naval Group have negotiated in recent months an amendment for the compliance with the … Read more

LNG Carriers and the Yamal LNG Plant: Uninterrupted Shipments Despite Regional Tensions

2023-09-24 22:20:00 The Vladimir Vize, one of the ice-breaking LNG carriers used to export liquefied natural gas produced by the Yamal LNG plant in northern Russia, is currently on technical shutdown at the Damen Shiprepair shipyard in Brest. The latter has also been used to welcoming this type of ship since the Siberian production unit … Read more