How American Express, Goldman Sachs, Dow Inc., Amgen, Microsoft and provided topics of conversation in the Dow Jones

03/14/2023, 2475 characters Dow Jones: -0,28% Social comments on the winners/losers BSN Podcasts Christian Drastil: Vienna Stock Exchange chat ABC Audio Business Chart #30: Just how big is the US stock market? (Josef Obergantschnig) photo credit 1. Amgen on 3/13. 2.33%, volume 129% of normal days 2. Microsoft on 13.3. 2.14%, volume 105% of normal … Read more

Börse Express – WEEKLY PREVIEW: Dates until January 16, 2023

FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) – Economic and financial dates until Monday, January 16th: TUESDAY 03 JANUARY DATES COMPANY DATES ECONOMY 02:45 CHN: Caixin Manufacturing PMI 12/22 07:30 DEU: consumer prices North Rhine-Westphalia 12/22 09:55 DEU: Labor market data 12/22 10:00 DEU: Consumer prices in Bavaria, Brandenburg and Hesse 12/22 10:30 GBR: Manufacturing PMI 12/22 (2nd release) 11:00 … Read more

Börse Express – Tesla share: “Never grab a falling knife”?

A well-known stock market adage is: “Never catch a falling knife.” Tesla (WKN: A1CX3T)-Shares increasing, because they have been falling continuously since November 2021. But what is behind the saying? It comes from the technical analysis of price movements and suggests that falling prices often continue. Therefore, according to the interpretation, investors should first wait … Read more

Boerse Express – ROUNDUP/New York Stocks Close: Losses

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – After significant recovery gains on the US stock exchanges in the middle of the week, things went down again on Thursday. However, the most important indices recovered from their lows reached during the course of the day by the close of trading. The Dow Jones Industrial closed above the 33,000 point … Read more

Regarding conclusion of partnership agreement with NTT Docomo Co., Ltd. | Press release of Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Fighters”) and NTT DoCoMo Hokkaido Branch (hereafter “Docomo”) have announced that the new baseball stadium “ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO” (hereafter “ES-CON FIELD”) will open in March 2023. We will conclude a partnership agreement with the aim of providing a generational live entertainment space. 1. Overview and significance of … Read more