Ukraine will decide what to do with the richest citizen of Latvia

Last year, the Seimas adopted amendments to the citizenship law, providing for the possibility of depriving Latvian citizenship of persons who provide significant support for Russia’s war against Ukraine. BZS expects that Ukraine will be able to provide Latvia with information about whether Aven actively supported the war. As Zviedris explained, Ukraine is currently investigating … Read more

The conclusion of the State Security Service on the sale of the Aven and Shefler helicopter at auction is known

The helicopter belonged to Country Heli LLC, and the shares of this company, in turn, are equally owned by Scheffler-controlled Čiekuri-Shishki LLC and Aven’s company Abacus Limited, registered in Cyprus. At the end of 2022, bailiff Elina Balanasyan sold the helicopter at a forced auction for 2.979 million euros excluding VAT, since the funds of … Read more

It’s going to get much warmer this week.

On Tuesday, short-term precipitation, mostly rain, is expected in many places; the air temperature will not yet exceed +10 degrees. Wednesday and Thursday will be mostly dry and sunny. The wind will be south, southeast at times, gusting up to 9-14 meters per second. At night in some places in the eastern part of the … Read more

European economy predicted shocks if Trump is elected president

The publication recalls that Europe has not yet recovered from the consequences of the energy crisis caused by the conflict in Ukraine and the sanctions policies of Western countries, as a result of which since the beginning of the decade the European economy has grown by only 4 percent compared to twice its growth in … Read more

Understanding Fluid Accumulation in Legs: Causes and Symptoms by Family Doctor Saud Al-Shehri

2023-12-12 22:30:57 Al-Marsad newspaper: Family doctor Saud Al-Shehri revealed 3 possible causes of fluid accumulation in the legs. He said during a video clip: “Fluid accumulation in the legs may be due to problems with the heart, kidneys, or liver.” He continued: “Heart problems because the venous blood that reaches it is drained. When the … Read more

The Ban on Tobacco Vending Machines in Belgium: Impact, Reactions, and Legal Challenges

2023-11-23 15:42:52 The Constitutional Court judges that this measure is reasonably justified having regard to the significant risks to public health which accompany the wide availability of tobacco products, as well as the attractiveness exerted by these vending machines and their accessibility. of videos The ban contained in a law of November 29, 2022 will … Read more

Ruddervoorde Explosion: Emergency Services on the Scene | Search for Possible Victim Underway

2023-11-10 13:52:53 But what happened at 2 p.m. in Ruddervoorde? According to HLN, the back of a house was blown off in an explosion. It was a neighbor who heard the detonation and called the emergency services. The latter rushed to the scene in numbers. Searches are underway to find a possible victim of the … Read more