AI called a threat to intelligent life in the Universe

A superintelligent form of AI (ASI), which surpasses human intelligence and is capable of learning on its own, can play the role of a “great filter”, that is, be an insurmountable obstacle preventing the emergence of advanced civilizations endowed with the ability to explore large outer spaces. According to experts, the rapid development of artificial … Read more

Index – In the meantime – Anett Bálizs, former actress of Good and Bad, is expecting a baby, announced the happy news with special photos

The 39-year-old actress also revealed the gender of the baby. He rarely allows insight into his private life, which is guarded by fear, but Anett Bálizs made an exception the other day. Not for any reason: a For Better or Worse the former actor of the series announced on her social media pages that she … Read more

Index – In the meantime – Mark Zuckerberg’s photo was edited with a beard, now he has become the internet’s on-duty heartthrob

The image spreads with lightning speed, thousands of women melt at the sight of the Meta-leader who has become Casanova. 2024 has already brought many unexpected things, but perhaps no one thought that one of the new male gods of this year will be none other than Mark Zuckerberg. And yet thousands of Internet users … Read more

Index – In the meantime – About Gergő Szekér’s coming out: That year we had to invent stories to make me stand out as a hetero singer

A week ago, he made a completely spontaneous decision to come out live. A Breakfast Gergő Szekér made an unexpected announcement on his Friday broadcast: it is X-Factor is in The Voice her former competitor spoke frankly about her attraction to men, because she was tired of living in constant fear and lies. Now he … Read more

Index – In the meantime – Zoltán Jákob made sure that his year of birth was not listed on Wikipedia: “When we were filming Nagy Ő, no one really knew how old I was.”

He would even spend hundreds of millions a year for his longer life. On Tuesday morning, he talked about aging and closing panic Mocha with presenters Zoltán Jákob, who betrayed him, surely the latter did not avoid him either. “I had it too. And I made sure that my year of birth was not written … Read more

The first flight into space: Yuri Gagarin experienced a real drama on April 12, 1961

Never before or since has the race for space exploration between the United States and the Soviet Union been so close as in the case of the first manned space flight. The race was won by Yuri Gagarin when he circled the Earth on April 12, 1961 during a 108-minute flight. American Alan Shepard followed … Read more

The Secret Life of Yuri Gagarin

You can also listen to the article in audio version. If he had not died in a plane crash at the end of March 1968, he would have lived to live this March Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin 90 years old (born March 9, 1934). Who knows if he would ever look into space again, as he … Read more

CERN scientists search for mysterious ghostly particles

This idea itself is not new, but now scientists seem to have found a way to test their theory experimentally. The leadership of the European Center for Particle Research (CERN) has approved an experiment that will help prove the existence of such “ghosts”. The device that allows this experiment to be carried out is more … Read more