They discover that the entire Universe is… evaporating

2023-06-04 08:38:02 A team of researchers from the Radboud University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands has just shown that Stephen Hawking did not tell everything when it comes to one of his most prominent theories. The brilliant British physicist, in fact, postulated in 1974 that certain quantum effects that take place at the very edge … Read more

“The Mysterious Perfection of Earth: Why Our Planet is Uniquely Designed for Life”

2023-05-18 15:44:56 [Voice of Hope May 18, 2023](Editor: Guo Xiao) Compared with other planets that are barren or surrounded by meteorites, the earth is too perfect. This kind of perfection has always puzzled astronomers, and it also makes people wonder what kind of coincidence makes it as perfect as the solar system. What about the … Read more

Scientists detect ‘sky monsters’ outside of Earth.

2023-05-18 01:44:40 Delving into the vast abysses of the universe, we find endless cosmic wonders that arouse our curiosity and wonder. Among these enigmatic wonders are hidden the mysterious “heavenly monsters”, fascinating stellar phenomena that defy the relentless passage of time and reveal a captivating glimpse into the oldest memories of our cosmic past. What … Read more

“Korea’s First Space Object Photography of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) by Danuri Lunar Orbiter – Money Today”

2023-05-16 13:30:00 Money Today Reporter Kim In-han | 2023.05.16 22:30 South Korean and American lunar orbiters pass 18km distance in outer space Two Danuri cameras capture moments from NASA orbiters Korea’s first shooting of a space object reaching ‘9.4 times the speed of sound’ The lunar orbiter ‘Danuri’ developed by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute … Read more

Scientists reveal how old Saturn’s rings are and whether they could disappear in the near future

2023-05-15 20:19:19 Recently scientists revealed a great mystery that surrounds Saturn and its curious rings, which have generated many doubts among experts for more than a century. Among the different questions, The main one is to know the exact age of the rings of the sixth planet in the solar system and what could happen … Read more

An unforgettable experience at a reduced price, less than €340 at MediaMarkt!

2023-05-15 18:18:00 Discover the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A34 128 GB If you’re tired of spending more than €1,000 on a smartphone but don’t want to compromise on quality, choose the Samsung Galaxy A range of smartphones developed by the Korean manufacturer. It offers smartphones at an excellent price-performance ratio, which are perfectly suitable … Read more