Russian Aerospace Forces tested a new anti-missile in Kazakhstan :: Politics :: RBC

The Russian Aerospace Forces successfully conducted a test launch of a new missile defense system (air defense) at a training ground in Kazakhstan, reported Ministry … Read more

SpaceX sets sail for the first “full amateur crew” space travel_Mission

Original title: SpaceX’s first “full amateur crew” space travel set sail [ 随着太空舱咆哮着进入佛罗里达的天空,太空舱与猎鹰9号火箭分离,开始向预定轨道移动,并将最终达到距离地面357英里(575公里)的高度绕地飞行,在这一高度,龙飞船将以每小时17000英里(27360公里/小时)的速度,每90分钟环绕地球一周,这一速度大约是音速的22倍。 ] At 8 pm Eastern Time on September 15, SpaceX’s first commercial … Read more