Physicists have substantiated the existence of dark matter of increased density

Observing the galaxy JWST-ER1g at a distance of about 3.7 billion years after the Big Bang, it was discovered that it may contain much denser dark matter than usual. Scientists have proven this using modeling and observational data, and this is a rare chance to look at the mythical substance from a new angle.

The JWST-ER1g galaxy was discovered by Webb in September 2023. It turned out to be an ideal example of an Einstein ring – a phenomenon of gravitational microlensing, when a distant object is smeared in a ring around a gravitational lens. By identifying this distant object and taking into account all other parameters, we can calculate the strength of the gravitational lens. In this case, this means that the JWST-ER1g galaxy can be weighed and estimated both from the point of view of the mass of visible matter and from the point of view of the mass of dark matter located in it. Adding one and the other should result in a force that refracts light in accordance with the laws known to us.

Observations and calculations have shown that light from a distant object is refracted more strongly than the mass of visible matter and the calculated mass of dark matter in the halo of the JWST-ER1g galaxy would allow. Since everything is simple with visible matter – stars and gas – it turns out that there is clearly more dark matter in the JWST-ER1g halo than is allowed by the most common hypotheses and the halo formed by the galaxy. The current situation allowed scientists to assume and later mathematically prove that the dark matter in the JWST-ER1g galaxy became denser under the influence of visible matter and dark matter itself.

This made the observation of JWST-ER1g unique and convenient for further studying the properties of dark matter, which, according to accepted calculations, constitutes approximately 85% of all matter in the Universe.

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2024-04-13 13:39:35

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