6ix9ine comes out of silence after his attack

And talks about it for the first time in an interview.

6ix9ine decided to speak out following his recent assault. The rapper also takes the opportunity to silence the rumors saying that it was a staging or a promo shot.

The artist with colored hair is in the heart of the news right now. If each of his appearances has caused a lot of ink to flow as he is provocative and addicted to buzz, the last was, however, beyond his control (even if some people think the opposite). Indeed, 6ix9ine was attacked and stripped in a gym in Los Angeles. Without security at the time, the attackers took the opportunity to corner him and beat him. Video surveillance cameras filmed part of the attack and the sequence made the buzz on the web.

Since the attack, many things have happened. The attackers (identified thanks to the cameras) were arrested, 6ix9ine unveiled a new clip, “Bori” and the first rumors began to emerge on the net. If there was first the one that attested that the rapper’s bodyguard was behind this story, the latest speculation claims that Tekashi staged his assault to cash in on the buzz and sell his music. Faced with all this, Daniel Hernandez of his true decided to speak. If he had already expressed himself quickly on Instagram by posting the video of his attack, this time he gave an interview to the media NBC 6 South Florida Wednesday, April 5. He begins by talking about the video in question:

“For me it was hard to watch because it was so unexpected. It’s cowardly. When I look at her I just see hate you know. Imagine being that kind of person who absolutely doesn’t know another person , but do this. I’ll give you an example: today I’m meeting you for the first time, I don’t know you at all, I could hear things about you and have my opinion about you, but I don’t know you not enough to hate you. Does that give me the right to attack you? To entrap you?”

He pursues :

“I think it was cowardly. I think it was opportunistic, but again I’m not mad because I know how it works on the street, there are no rules. But I don’t know even more what to say, they saw an opportunity and seized it”.

6ix9ine then responded to the rumours:

“I think life goes on no matter what. I can make anything profitable, because I have that kind of talent. I don’t need to get my ass kicked to sell a record.”

On this point he is not wrong, but some of his actions in recent years can leave room for doubt, hence the rumors.

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