“Teen’s Cannibalism Delusion: Arrested for Killing Parents and Siblings in Texas”

2023-05-27 17:01:20 Texas ∙ Police have arrested a man who killed his parents and two siblings, believing they were ‘cannibals’ who planned to eat him. 18-year-old Cesar Olalde was arrested in Texas, USA. He killed people including his five-year-old brother. The police arrived at Olalde’s house after receiving information that a man had threatened to … Read more

Angle: U.S. debt ceiling “X Day”, financial institutions prepare for market turmoil | Reuters

2023-05-26 07:00:00 NEW YORK (Reuters) – Fears are mounting among financial institutions as the U.S. federal government runs out of money on June 1, which is known as Day X. While some traders are avoiding U.S. Treasuries that mature in June, others are preparing to deal with default-risk bonds. May 26 (Reuters) – Financial institutions … Read more

“34 Professions That AI Can’t Replace: OpenAI’s Research and ChatGPT’s List”

2023-05-26 00:44:00 Onpen AI’s research, which are the creators of ChatGPT, includes operators of agricultural machinery, athletes, cooks, among many others. The appearance of the artificial intelligence It has been causing job cuts in the United States and threatening the disappearance of some professions, but there are others that may resist the advancement of technology, … Read more

“Double Payment for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries in June – Everything You Need to Know”

2023-05-19 15:10:59 If you are a beneficiary of the program Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you should know that in the month of June you will receive a double payment in the United States and here we explain why. He federal program provides monthly payments to adults and children with disabilities or blindness who have income … Read more

“Discover the Hidden Fortune in Your Wallet: How to Find Valuable Dollar Bills with Unique Printing Characteristics”

2023-05-18 20:44:53 Always pay attention to your tickets For a dollar, you never know when they might hit a big windfall. And it is because of printing characteristics. There are pairs that could be worth up to $150,000 in USA. How can that happen? Well, here we explain it to you. There are important details … Read more

US CPI accelerates to +0.4% from the previous month in April due to rising gasoline prices | Reuters

2023-05-10 12:03:00 The U.S. Labor Department’s seasonally adjusted consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.4% in April from the previous month, accelerating from 0.1% in the previous month. This is due to rising gas prices and rents. FILE PHOTO: New York, June 2022. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Labor Department’s seasonally adjusted consumer price … Read more