Most variety of LGBT flags in Riga: MP promotes the thought

In his opinion, through the Satisfaction there needs to be as many LGBT flags within the capital as doable, which, in keeping with the deputy, ought to appeal to further funding. “The flags close to companies, breweries, banks and the Riga Metropolis Corridor are an vital image that Latvia is an open and secure nation … Read more

A lady from Riga is satisfied that she was not served in Kangarags due to the Latvian language

The saleswoman didn’t serve me as a result of I communicate Latvian. In entrance of me there have been two individuals who spoke Russian, and she or he was promoting cupcakes. In the meantime, I spoke to my daughter in Latvian. After I reprimanded, the saleswoman blurted out that “the shop is closed” and turned … Read more

Magnificence or vulgarity? Latvian firm’s “bare” espresso confuses individuals

Journalists purchased this could of espresso and confirmed it to Riga residents who occurred to fulfill on the road. Many have been under no circumstances embarrassed by the bare girl at espresso, however pensioner Olita, for instance, thought of it vulgar. She likes to go to the museum and have a look at the displays, … Read more

CSDD is asked to clarify the use of moped-like devices on sidewalks

The Riga City Council has asked the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) to clarify whether the moped-like vehicles currently riding on the sidewalks are actually the electric bicycles under which they were registered, writes LETA. In an interview with the Latvian television program “Morning Panorama”, the mayor of Riga, Vilnis Kirsis, said that the municipal … Read more

What kind of Mr. Pepsis is this?! Balvi mother horrified by children’s coloring book

A mother from Balvi was surprised that one of the characters in the Trolls children’s coloring book is called Mr. Pepsis. “What kind of Mr. Pepsis is this?” This is fine? This book is intended for a child, how can you write something like that?! Could you ask the publisher what they were thinking when … Read more “God has a chevron with the Ukrainian flag on his shoulder”

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, in his Easter address, called on Ukrainians for unity in prayer and called God an “ally” in the war with Russia. Zelensky called on Ukrainians to unite in prayer for each other and for the soldiers on the front line. In a video filmed in front of the St. Sophia Cathedral … Read more

The undesirable head of the Riga department will be fired through the courts

According to the local government, the fact that Vaivods is recognized as a suspect in a criminal trial does not allow the local government to continue labor relations with him and is an important reason for going to court with a demand to terminate them. The fact that Vaivodas is suspected of bribery is incompatible … Read more

Serious underweight in popular Latvian networks. What’s happening?!

“And potatoes are generally unusable,” he adds. Regulatory regulations stipulate that the permissible deviation from the declared weight of a packaged product is 15 grams, emphasizes Sanita Gertmane, a representative of the Consumer Rights Protection Center. In the photo sent by a viewer, the weight of the potatoes differs much more, namely by 85 grams. … Read more