Serious underweight in popular Latvian networks. What’s happening?!

“And potatoes are generally unusable,” he adds.

Regulatory regulations stipulate that the permissible deviation from the declared weight of a packaged product is 15 grams, emphasizes Sanita Gertmane, a representative of the Consumer Rights Protection Center.

In the photo sent by a viewer, the weight of the potatoes differs much more, namely by 85 grams. Considering that the buyer especially highlights certain large chain stores. Journalists went to check.

During the inspection, it turned out that all the selected packages of potatoes were even slightly heavier than indicated on the package.

Both “Maxima” and “Rimi” explain possible shortcomings by the fact that potatoes and other vegetables are so-called drying. Namely, there is a possibility that if the product sits on a shelf or in a box for a long time, its condition may change as the vegetable begins to dry out. However, commercial institutions try to detect such cases in a timely manner by conducting regular quality checks.

Meanwhile, the CDC promises to pay special attention to weight control of packaged vegetables this year by conducting objective checks at relevant production plants and packaging lines.

If the customer finds discrepancies in weight, complaints should be directed to the appropriate store.

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2024-03-27 14:31:21

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