Al-Dhubiani reveals the best way to respond to someone who hurts you • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The educational expert and researcher in development, Abdul Rahman Al-Dhubiani, revealed the best way to deal with the person who hurts you. Al-Dhubiani considered that silence is the best solution for dealing with such offensive personalities. And he said in a video clip that he shared on the “Tik Tok” application, “If you … Read more

Motorcyclist Dies on the Spot After Hitting a Cement Mixer Truck in Cakung – A motorcyclist with the initials DBAW (17) died on the spot after hitting a cement mixer truck on Jalan Raya Bekasi, Cakung, Jakarta East on Tuesday (14/3) evening. East Jakarta Head of Satwil Satwil Then Iptu Darwis Yunarta explained that the accident occurred at around 20.35 WIB. When, DBAW was passing by his … Read more

Here’s a trend of grunge makeup on the way of Nancy Ajram

Grunge makeup, which was popular in the year 90, is at the forefront of the makeup trend today, after many famous stars like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Gigi, and especially Nancy Ajram used it, which is a white face with black eyes and lips. Advertisement Nancy adopted grunge makeup during the cancer children’s party in Dubai, … Read more

The astonishing discovery of the police during road checks in the Vesdre area

On March 6, the Vesdre police zone took part in a national operation which brought together all the local and federal police forces in the country. The main objective of the operation was to emphasize road safety and, more specifically, control of the wearing of seat belts and the use of seats and booster seats … Read more

it’s worse than expected, road vigilance is reinforced, orange alert in three Walloon provinces!

The Road Action Unit (CAR), made up of the Wallonia Regional Crisis Center (CRC-W), the Perex center and the Federal Road Police is activated. Careful driving is recommended on roads, especially on freeway on-ramps and exits and in exposed areas such as bridges. of videos The Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) predicts Tuesday between 1 and … Read more

Driving practice on the road; Kuwait Ministry of Interior with strict measures

Kuwait: The Ministry of Interior of Kuwait has taken action against those who practice driving on the road. The Department of Transport has warned that strict legal action will be taken against those who commit serious traffic crimes that threaten the lives of others, such as racing on public roads without permission, reckless driving, and … Read more