New cadastre: who should pay extra

As we speak, greater than 200 thousand buildings in Latvia stand on land owned by different homeowners, and they’re pressured to pay hire to them. Amongst them are greater than 3,600 condo buildings, a few third of them are in Riga. Just lately, the chance has arisen to “purchase out” from the barons, and with … Read more

for 4 months fines of just about half 1,000,000 euros

Janis and his buddies drove round Riga on the night time of museums, reaching Sarkandaugava. After a while, the motive force acquired a greeting from the police in his mailbox – a positive of 85 euros. The motive force become a prohibited space, and this was recorded by a digital camera put in by the … Read more

The Ministry of Protection of the Republic of Latvia has found out the right way to lure draft dodgers from the areas into the military

At present, the legislation doesn’t present for compensation for the prices of transportation for SDS conscripts to attend necessary well being checks, in addition to for the primary arrival of conscripts at their place of responsibility. As well as, there may be at present no adequate regulatory foundation for conscripts to be reimbursed for meals … Read more

The Latvian government was allowed to live beyond its means

On April 30 of this year, the Cabinet of Ministers instructed the Ministry of Finance to prepare and submit to the Cabinet of Ministers, by September 12, 2024, amendments to the law on fiscal discipline (LDL), which increase the maximum permissible structural deficit from 0.5% of gross domestic product (GDP) to 1 % of GDP. … Read more

Another Soviet tradition will be eradicated from Latvian schools

Currently, the law establishes that Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in October. The commission decided to submit the bill for final reading in the Seimas this week. At the commission meeting, the chairman of the Latvian Union of Education and Science Workers (LPRON), Inga Vanaga, along with support for these amendments, called … Read more

Criminals in Latvia will be given the right to change their first and last name

The Ministry of Justice has submitted to the government amendments to the law “On changing the name, surname and record of citizenship”, proposing to establish that persons convicted of a criminal offense, whose conviction has not been expunged or expunged, also have the right to change their name and surname as established by law ok. … Read more