Macron’s promised €3 billion for Ukraine creates a problem for France

The newspaper Le Monde (paid access) writes (French and in English) that military assistance of 3 billion euros per year for Ukraine, provided for in the agreement on guarantees of support signed on February 16, creates a headache for the country’s government: it is forced to cut costs on other items and resort to various … Read more

The Bank of Canada’s December Interest Rate Decision and Inflation Outlook: Summary and Analysis

2023-12-20 19:32:09 The Bank of Canada published on Wednesday the summary of the deliberations relating to its December 6 decision on interest rates. The summary reveals that the governing council felt more optimistic about the outlook for inflation. Recent data has shown that the economic slowdown is attributable to a decline in spending, something the … Read more

Abandoned Building Attached to Walloon Parliament: The Costly Dilemma

2023-12-13 09:33:00 The house located at 11 Baron Huart is today a real canker. Eaten away by humidity, its walls are peeling. Its roof threatens to lose tiles which could injure passers-by in Namur. The ground is no longer safe and could collapse. It is strongly recommended not to enter without construction site protection. This … Read more

2024 Open Amendments: Defense Spending and Regional Restoration – Analysis and Breakdown

2023-11-14 21:56:19 In 2024, the 10 most significant open amendments in terms of expenditures account for 60% of the total volume proposed for redistribution, or more than 1 trillion rubles. Six proposals directly relate to the distribution of spending on national defense, three on the restoration of new regions, and one more on social support … Read more

Remittances for travel and incidental expenses related to education, medical treatment to attract same TCS rate as that on education and medical treatment

2023-05-18 15:04:21 Parents who regularly remit money for their children’s education abroad are in for some respite. Finance Ministry has clarified that rate of Tax Collected at Source (TCS) for travel and incidental expenses related to education and medical treatment will be the same as that on remittances for education and medical treatment. Remittances under … Read more

“Maximize your Savings as a Married Woman: Expert Advice from Asmaa Al-Sayyari on Al-Marsad Newspaper”

2023-04-21 20:27:15 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The creator of the content, Asmaa Al-Sayyari, revealed the amount that a married woman saves from her salary, if it is 9 thousand riyals. And she said during a video clip: “If your salary is 9 thousand, save 4 thousand.” And she continued: “Allocate two thousand for your mother and father, … Read more

“Why Taxing Large Fortunes is Key to Fiscal Reform: Insights from Alexia Bertrand”

2023-04-16 13:52:43 “If you have 54% public spending (in your budget), then you absolutely have to reduce spending,” she said on VRT-television’s De Zevende Dag program. In this context, Ms. Bertrand was opposed to a proposal reiterated by the leader of the Vooruit group, in the House, Melissa Depraetere. In an interview published by the … Read more