The IMF sharply reduced its forecast for Latvia’s GDP growth for the current year

The IMF report predicts that the economy Latvia this year will grow by only 1.7%. For comparison: in October the IMF predicted that Latvia’s GDP would increase by 2.6% this year. Next year, Latvian GDP growth is planned at 2.4%. The latest forecasts say that inflation in Latvia this year and next is expected to … Read more

Access to two more Russian propaganda sites is blocked in Latvia

“” positions itself as a social network whose users can create an information flow, and “” advertises itself as the “Voronezh and not only news” channel. The inspection of both sites was carried out by NEPLP after receiving “a letter from another competent government administrative authority.” The letters stated that the sites are being used … Read more

SRS will acquire an access control system for privileged users

The estimated cost of the purchase is 307,025 euros. Applicants can submit proposals until May 3. The SRS explained to LETA that privileged users are those users who have additional rights and access to resources and functions. These users are typically system administrators, database administrators, or other users, and have advanced rights because they can … Read more

Latvian economic growth will not be rapid

In the best case – without crises, shocks and political mistakes – the Latvian economy will grow by about 2-3% per year in the medium term. The potential for rapid growth of the Latvian economy has been exhausted, says SEB bank economist Dainis Gašpuitis. Therefore, largely depending on the external environment, growth can fluctuate within … Read more

Well, how’s that?! People are shocked by the picture at the Daugava stadium after renovation

At the beginning of February, the athletics arena at the Daugava stadium opened. But, alas, the appearance of all this goodness at the moment does not indicate a “fresh renovation”. “Never in my life have I seen such a shitty sidewalk as the one that was just opened at the sports arena of the Daugava … Read more

Zorro, the Cat Found 2 Years Later: A Heartwarming Reunion in Saint-Denis

2023-07-16 20:30:53 Zorro found 2 years after his disappearance: “I asked the vet to repeat 3 times, I did not believe it! “says Prescillia, from Saint-Denis This is the great story of the day: the cat Zorro was found in Jurbise, two years after his disappearance. He was brought back to his home in Saint-Denis … Read more

Exclusive Report: Altercation between Brussels West Police and young people from Brussels on Lesse banks

2023-06-06 13:27:35 This Tuesday, we exclusively report to you the altercation that took place last Thursday, on the banks of the descent of the Lesse. So on a rest day, the number 1 intervention brigade of the Brussels West police zone – the one at the origin of the “raclette party” during the confinement – … Read more