The most recent photo of the Eye of the Sahara generates further debate about its origin – FayerWayer

The Eye of the Sahara, officially known as the Richat Structure, is a 38-kilometer-diameter geological formation located in Mauritania, northwestern Africa. Its origin has long been speculated on, and a recent photo sparked further debate, but NASA gives the final explanation. The image shared by NASA in mid-July it was taken from the International Space … Read more

Drain Cleaner: Abysses are opening up in Florida

EIt sounded like exploding popcorn, said an eyewitness who survived the collapse of a Florida hotel later. It all started late last Sunday evening. A window shattered in the three-story building near Orlando. Minutes later, the next window pane shattered into thousands of pieces, the banister collapsed, doors could no longer be opened. The night … Read more

mines that want to be responsible

“All industrial projects involve risks”, immediately warns Yann Gunzburger, professor of geomechanics, risks and mining engineering at the University of Lorraine and Mines de Nancy. The time of the mines Germinal is over, but the liabilities are heavy. “In France, we closed the last mines about twenty years ago, many left bad memories, like the … Read more

Bohai Oilfield’s annual output of crude oil exceeds 30 million tons, becoming my country’s largest crude oil production base

Summary [Bohai Oilfield produces over 30 million tons of crude oil per year, becoming my country’s largest crude oil production base]CNOOC announced on the 9th that my country’s largest offshore oil field, Bohai Oilfield, will produce 30.132 million tons of crude oil in 2021, becoming my country’s largest crude oil In the production base, the … Read more