They find an asteroid the size of an Olympic swimming pool with the possibility of colliding with Earth in 2046

It was discovered recently, but it has already given a surprise: the asteroid 2023DW It will come dangerously close to Earth in about two decades. So much so that this rock, the size of an Olympic swimming pool, has a one in 600 chance of colliding directly with our planet, according to NASA revealed. This … Read more

‘Percy Jackson – Thieves in Olympus’ at Vox…1.2023

Today, on January 26th, 2023, shows the film “Percy Jackson – Thieves in Olympus” by Chris Columbus on TV. You can find out here when you have to tune in, whether there is a live stream online and when the film will be shown again.On January 26th, 2023 the feature film “Percy Jackson – Thieves … Read more

Olympics, World Cup… Gangwon players shone in every famous sports scene

From the Beijing Winter Olympics to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the year 2022, which was overflowing with large-scale sporting events, is coming to an end. Here is a summary of famous sports scenes that made Gangwon-do residents cry and laugh over the past year. ▲ From the left, Hwang Seon-woo, who set a … Read more

Chairman Kadokawa “ Such a vulgar thing … ” was uncomfortable Toru Tamagawa “ Something is excessive ”: J-CAST TV watch

On September 14 (September 2022), the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office arrested Tsuguhiko Kadokawa (79), chairman of major publishing company Kadokawa, on suspicion of bribery in connection with the corruption scandal surrounding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. “Before his arrest, Kadokawa had strongly denied any knowledge of bribery,” said MC Shinichi Hatori at the beginning … Read more

Justo & Bueno: Olímpica prepares business to replace business – Business – Economy

Through a statement, Olímpica SA. announced the creation of an emergency fund for 1,000 million pesos to support people affected by the liquidation of Mercadería SAS, including former employees, suppliers and owners of the premises, in which the chain operated Fair & Good. (You can also read: The reasons for the end of Justo & … Read more