Agricultural products have fallen in price in Latvia over the past year

Compared to 2022, the price index for livestock products in 2023 decreased by 8.9%, while the price index for crop products decreased by 24.3%. The level of prices for crop products in 2023 was mainly affected by a decrease in the price index for grains by 28.6%, of which for barley – by 37.3%, for … Read more

Scientists use turmeric to determine the freshness of meat and fish

Russian scientists from Moscow State University named after N. E. Bauman (MSTU) have developed a touch sensor that contains turmeric. This device helps determine the freshness of meat and fish products and can warn about re-freezing. According to the publication, to control product quality, the sensor must be placed on the packaging. If the product … Read more

In Latvia, food producers and traders do not have equal market power

She noted that food producers in Latvia are in an unequal situation when dealing with traders, and this is a problem not only in Latvia. β€œThe manufacturer is always not an equal in negotiations with the merchant, because there are many manufacturers and if the merchant does not like someone or can find better delivery … Read more

The doctor dispelled the myth about the need to count calories

The doctor explained that it is easy to make a mistake when counting calories, since the calorie content indicated on food packaging may be 20 percent more or less than the actual one. In addition, caloric content depends on the method of preparation of the product. The endocrinologist cited potatoes as an example: hot boiled … Read more

Scientists have figured out how to use AI to improve the taste of beer

The researchers decided to use the neural network to help manufacturers develop new food and drink products or adjust existing recipes to better suit consumer tastes. The use of AI promised to save significant amounts of time and money in testing. The goal was to create an AI training dataset that objectively reflected overall flavor … Read more

Estee Lauder’s Dangerous Acne Products – Carcinogen Benzene Detected 800 Times Above Limit – 2024-03-09 16:52:42

Great concern has been caused by the findings of an independent laboratory in the USA according to which high amounts of the carcinogenic benzene were detected in products of major cosmetic and care companies. According to Reuters, high levels of benzene (a cancer-causing chemical) were detected in some acne treatments from brands including Clinique, Estee … Read more

Middle East: Arab boycott of the consumption of products of Western companies – 2024-03-03 11:32:33

Boycott trends in the consumption of the products of Western companies are observed in several parts of the Middle East and beyond due to the anger of the Arab population against the US and Europe, according to Bloomberg. And that’s why the US and Europe are not doing more to stop Israel from attacking Gaza. … Read more