MTS in a different reality – Newspaper Kommersant No. 16 (7461) of 01/28/2023

Telecom operator MTS is investing $100 million in creating its own metaverse — a virtual environment where the company intends to promote its own and partner digital products, including tariffs, subscriptions to a book service and an online cinema. Abroad, metaverses are considered a promising technology, but investments in projects have not yet paid off, … Read more

CES 2023: Lenovo is expanding its product portfolio and launching more than 50 devices and services | Informatic direction

As part of CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Lenovo unveiled its latest lineup of devices and other offerings last Thursday that the company says are designed to give consumers and business users a more “personalized” technology experience through to redesigned devices and new uses of artificial intelligence (AI). The product portfolio, the company said, also … Read more

Chilean pisco producers seek to convert their vineyards into Unesco heritage | National

Chilean pisco producers want vineyards in the north of the country to become Unesco landscape heritage sites. The application could be presented in 2023. Producers of pisco Chilean, a liquor made by distilling wine, prepare a candidacy for nominate two pisco regions in the north of the country as Unesco wine-growing cultural landscape heritagewith the … Read more

Nattuvia, the innovation of its alternative medicine products | Entrepreneurship | Business

The alternative and functional medicine It is increasingly relevant today. This search aims to treat people in an integral way, looking for the origin of a pathology and attacking it in a personalized way. six years ago came Nattuvia to the country as a natural pharmacy that distributes medicines, supplements, vitamins and natural products from … Read more

What are the most important Apple products expected to be launched in 2023?

The current MacBook Air with M2 is the most capable of mainstream laptops, both thin and light. According to speculations, the company is likely to announce a 15-inch version of the same device in 2023.The upcoming 15-inch MacBook Air will likely be powered by the M2 chipset with a design similar to the current MacBook … Read more

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Many are accustomed to calling ground seasoning paprika. It can be found in every spice section. Red peppers are primarily associated with the spicy pods. These products differ from each other in useful properties and taste. What are the health benefits of paprika? Paprika is a really healthy vegetable. It contains many different vitamins and … Read more