New money is being prepared for the people of Latvia: criminals have learned to counterfeit the old ones

Favorite two euros According to the Bank of Latvia, in 2023, 1,248 counterfeit banknotes were discovered in circulation in the country, including 655 counterfeit banknotes and 593 counterfeit coins. And in 2022, 889 counterfeit banknotes were discovered in circulation, including 433 counterfeit bills and 456 counterfeit coins. The most common counterfeit coins in Latvia are … Read more

Agricultural products have fallen in price in Latvia over the past year

Compared to 2022, the price index for livestock products in 2023 decreased by 8.9%, while the price index for crop products decreased by 24.3%. The level of prices for crop products in 2023 was mainly affected by a decrease in the price index for grains by 28.6%, of which for barley – by 37.3%, for … Read more

Exports of wooden furniture fell by a quarter in January

In January 2024, wooden furniture worth a total of 13.336 million euros was exported from Latvia, including 4.059 million euros to Denmark, which is 30.4% (a year ago – 29%) of the total export volume of wooden furniture. and 21.6% less than in January 2023. At the same time, wooden furniture worth 1.72 million euros … Read more

Latvian insurance companies’ turnover has increased significantly

In 2023, Latvian insurance companies and branches of foreign insurance companies wrote a total of EUR 1.119 billion in gross premiums, compared to EUR 998.682 million in 2022. In turn, in the form of gross compensation, insurers paid a total of 710.931 million euros compared to 642.558 million euros a year earlier. The amount of … Read more

Kansas City Chiefs’ Struggle: Impact of Weak Wide Receiving Corps on Team’s Season Goals

2023-12-04 18:53:00 The Kansas City Chiefs also lose to the Green Bay Packers. A major failure in squad planning compared to the competition puts the season’s goals in acute danger – a comment. von Daniel Kugler Next setback for the Kansas City Chiefs! The 19:27 loss against the Green Bay Packers in the Sunday Night … Read more

SONIC Superstars : analyse et comparaison des versions PC, Xbox, Playstation et Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch

2023-11-13 00:51:52 Since last month, Sonic is back in an explosive and very successful platform game: SONIC Superstars. Its biggest fault is perhaps that it was released at the same time as Super Mario Bros. Wonder, forcing fans to make a choice, at least on Switch. Aside from that, the game succeeds in reproducing the … Read more

How to Deal with Divorce and Improve Family Relationships: Advice from Dr. Ahmed Al-Misnad

2023-10-05 08:15:33 Al-Marsad newspaper: Educational, family and social advisor, Dr. Ahmed Al-Misnad, revealed the reasons for the high divorce rate. Al-Misnad said, during his interview on the “Sabah Saudi Arabia” program, that marriage is a train journey that passes through stations, so if a wrong station appears, you must get off from it, but there … Read more

“Fuel prices will be determined in Riyadh.” A Bloomberg report on comparing Saudi Arabia to America and Russia in leading the oil markets sparks reaction.

2023-09-28 07:53:48 Al-Marsad newspaper: Activists on social media circulated a report published by Bloomberg entitled “Fuel prices will be determined for the winter in Riyadh,” which sparked a reaction. “Saudi Arabia — more than Russia, the United States, or even OPEC+ as a whole — will determine the direction of oil for the rest of … Read more