Oral cancer warning signs and prevention tips

Posted by Rania Amer Wednesday, March 15, 2023 11:00 PM It is known that cancer has many types mouth cancerwhich appears on the lips, gums, tongue, or floor of the mouth, and its causes are due to several factors, including smoking or alcohol consumption, in addition to genetic factors, according to what was published by … Read more

What diseases can trigger alcohol consumption, even moderate?

There is no kind of alcohol consumption that is medically recommended. Not even moderate. not even one glass of wine a day. There is a false belief that there are certain alcoholic beverages that are obtained from fermentation, such as beer or cider which, unlike those obtained by distillation, reduce the risk of some pathologies … Read more

Penis scandal surrounding City star Kyle Walker: Now Pep Guardiola is getting involved Sports

Lots of beer and a shot – and the hangover afterwards… The penis scandal surrounding ManCity sar Kyle Walker (32) is dragging on. Now coach Pep Guardiola (52) is also commenting on the scandal surrounding his full-back, who in a bar – obviously heavily intoxicated – had exposed himself to several women, one of the … Read more

Schools in Argentina wait with coffee for students who arrive drunk from “last first day” parties | Society

Several trans-Andean schools seem to have resigned themselves to the fact that their students arrive to class in a drunken state after the celebrations of the “last first day”, for this reason, they have now opted to wait for them with a cup of coffee or send them home if they do not arrive in … Read more

the driver was under the influence of alcohol and drugs…

This Sunday morning, the Antwerp police organized a check at the exit of the “La Villa” nightclub. As he approached the police, a motorist found nothing better than to flee at full speed through the streets. The car sped towards the Strasbourg bridge, while running a red light. It wasn’t until one of the vehicle’s … Read more

Readers about energy crisis: ‘Dealing with it more consciously does not outweigh the disadvantages’ | Join the conversation on NUjij

Door onze interactieredactie 19 feb 2023 om 12:00Update: 16 minuten geleden On our response platform NUjij, visitors can discuss the news and ask the editors questions. We receive tens of thousands of responses per week and your contributions provide current statements, new articles and interesting questions every week. In this section we list the best … Read more