Photo: Triplets from different parents, beautiful external artists who look like three brothers

Having similar faces and both good at singing, Lea Michele and Idina Menzel were lined up to be mother and daughter in the musical series, Glee. Uh, there is one more actress who has a face similar to the two. She is the star of Glass Onion: a Knives Out Mystery, Kathryn Hahn. © istimewa … Read more

This is Erick Thohir’s instructions to Pertamina so that the Plumpang Depot fire will not happen again – Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Erick Thohir alluded to the possibility of removing the position of the Board of Directors of PT Pertamina (Persero) after the severe fire that hit the Plumpang Fuel Oil Terminal (TBBM), Jakarta North, on Friday (3/3) evening. “If I always say, I’ve already been removed from Pertamina’s board … Read more

Multipolar disorder – Newspaper Kommersant No. 9 (7454) dated 19.01.

On January 18, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov summed up the activities of Russian diplomacy in 2022. He focused on the role of the United States in past, present and future world troubles, accusing Washington of preparing a “final solution to the Russian question.” Although anti-American attacks have not been uncommon in recent years, such … Read more

Milky Way-like galaxies near the beginning of the universe

History 1/7/2023 7:20:56 PM (MENAFN– Al-Bayan) NASA’s “James Webb” space telescope monitored galaxies similar to our Milky Way, which formed when the universe was only 25% of its current age, according to the “Daily Mail”. It appears that the galaxies are shockingly similar to our galaxy, and these huge groups of gas Dust and stars … Read more

Leaks .. iPhone SE may come with a new design similar to the XR

Mac Rammers said that the fourth generation of the iPhone SE will arrive with a new design completely similar to the design of the iPhone XR, according to well-known leaker John Prosser. The leaker posted this information on his YouTube channel; Pointing out that the new phone will share the same design as the iPhone … Read more

“Mor Yong” points out that 3 respiratory diseases are similar, children, the elderly and the 608 group still need to be careful.

“Mor Yong” reveals 3 respiratory diseases, COVID-19, RSV and influenza have similar characteristics can be again There is a vaccine to prevent severe symptoms. and has become endemic, indicating that young children, the elderly and the 608 group are still worrisome Today (Oct. 19) Facebook “Yong Poovorawan” or Prof. Dr. Yong Poovorawan, the head of … Read more