And the position of Artistic Director was officially announced – 2024-04-02 05:51:00

On April Fool’s Day, the announcement came from the Patras Ministry of Education, that the position of the Artistic Director of the Municipal Regional Theater of Patras is being announced. As wrote last week, this is not a lie, but a decision of the recent Board of Directors of DIPETHE Patras. DIPETHE Patras: The … Read more

Capricorns will be recognized for their ambition at work, while Scorpios will find balance in their personal lives

2023-11-12 22:26:22 On this day, many zodiac signs will be strongly influenced by energy and passions. Be prepared for changes in plans and situations. It is important to remain flexible and adapt to new circumstances. However, despite possible difficulties, there will also be positive aspects. Some zodiac signs can feel the influence of intuition and … Read more

PSG Excludes Kylian Mbappé from Japan Tour: Tensions Rise and Real Madrid Deal Rumors Surface

2023-07-22 07:30:44 We announced it to you this Friday evening. The announcement had the effect of a bomb in the world of football: PSG excluded Kylian Mbappé from the tour in Japan. Thus, the capital club is putting pressure on its striker whose contract expires in 2024. of videos And it was enough for this … Read more

Telegram Introduces Stories Feature: A Look into the Messaging App’s Latest Update

2023-06-27 07:06:39 Watan: The CEO of the instant messaging service Telegram, Pavel Durov, announced the addition of the Stories feature to the application, and it will begin to be offered to all users in early July. Dorov said, through a post on his official channel, that Telegram initially opposed adding the Stories feature, but repeated … Read more

Al-Ahly Club’s Official Offer to Riyad Mahrez – Latest News and Updates

2023-06-23 09:27:49 Al-Marsad Sports: Media reports revealed that Al-Ahly club presented an official offer to the Algerian player, Riyad Mahrez, from Manchester City. Al-Ahly Club is looking forward to including prominent names in the ranks of the first football team in preparation for the next season, which will witness its return to the Professional League, … Read more

New Amendment in Egyptian Stamp Tax Law: Leaving Country Tax & Entertainment Fees

2023-06-20 23:15:38 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian government announced the amendment of some provisions of the stamp tax law by imposing a tax for leaving the country and entering theaters and other places of entertainment and nightclubs. And “Cairo 24” stated that a fee for developing the state’s financial resources was imposed, at a value of … Read more

Belgium-Made Weapons in Ukraine Sparks Russian Protest: The Impact and Fallout

2023-06-06 18:18:31 According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the ambassador was served with “a strong protest following the revelations concerning the use of weapons manufactured in Belgium by subversive groups which carried out terrorist attacks in the Belgorod region “. “Russia had repeatedly warned of the danger of the Ukrainian armed forces being supplied with … Read more

Bob Campaign: Reinforcing Police Checks and Spreading the Message via Social Networks and Festivals

2023-06-02 19:33:45 Police checks will be reinforced until the end of August with a parallel communication plan. Last year, 2.5% of drivers tested tested positive for alcohol consumption. On the whole, the message of the Bob campaign was therefore largely understood. But this year, the situation is changing again, since the alcohol level per liter … Read more