Key Handover Ceremony in Kébémer: 100,000 Housing Program Beneficiaries Receive Keys

2023-12-19 01:04:43 The first beneficiaries of the 100,000 housing program received their keys this Monday in Kébémer. Indeed, 25 families received their keys from the hands of the Minister of Urban Planning, Housing and Public Hygiene, Abdoulaye Seydou Sow. “This new SN HLM city is the result of bold and concerted work intended to ultimately … Read more

Organized Criminal Group Using Orange Money Chip Scam: Arrest & Court Proceedings

2023-11-22 00:18:20 Barely 25 years old, Fallou Mboup and Serigne Fallou Diakhaté, as an organized group, are developing their modus operandi. For 3 months, they have been operating a well-designed organization in which they share the tasks. Fallou Mboup goes to cash points to collect small sums. By putting in his number, he took the … Read more

Survivor’s Testimony: The Harrowing Truth of Irregular Emigration and Tragic Deaths – ACTUSEN Exclusive

2023-11-13 06:50:54 The supernatural spirit, the dozens of deaths including babies and their mothers: the moving confidences of a survivor of irregular emigration – ACTUSEN ACTUSEN | EXCLUSIVE NEWS 1699861043 #supernatural #spirit #dozens #deaths #including #babies #mothers #moving #confidences #survivor #irregular #emigration

Tragedy Strikes: Student from Sociology Department Dies in Attempted Emigration to Spain

2023-11-13 01:38:39 The news was announced by Alla Kane, President of the Association of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences (FLSH). Moussa Kandé, a student in the Sociology department, lost his life while trying to sail to Spain, he learned. “Having been deprived of his place of study, he decided to take the canoe … Read more

Contribution and Pilgrimage 2024 in Senegal: Exploring the Sacred Makka Hajj Experience

2023-11-10 22:23:49 Contribution / Pilgrimage 2024: In Senegal, business is regarding to rub off on the sacred character of the Makka hajj (By Cheikh Oumar Tall) – ACTUSEN ACTUSEN | EXCLUSIVE NEWS 1699658793 #Contribution #Pilgrimage #Senegal #business #process #rubbing #sacred #character #Makka #hajj #Cheikh #Oumar #Tall

Nam Hyun-hee’s Fencing Academy: Updates, Controversies, and Suspensions

2023-11-01 20:00:00 Money Today Reporter Yang Yun-woo, Reporter Jeong Jin-sol | 2023.11.02 05:00 Nam Hyun-hee’s fencing academy in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the followingnoon of October 31st/Photo = Reporter Jeong Jin-sol At around 3 p.m. on the 31st of last month, the ‘Nam Hyun-hee International Fencing Academy’ run by former national fencing team member Nam Hyun-hee … Read more

Supreme Court Trial: In-Depth Look at Attorney General Defending Ousmane Sonko against DGE – ACTUSEN Exclusive News

2023-10-09 02:25:09 Trial once morest the DGE at the Supreme Court: what we know regarding the attorney general who defended Ousmane Sonko – ACTUSEN ACTUSEN | EXCLUSIVE NEWS 1696823591 #Trial #Dge #Supreme #Court #attorney #general #defended #Ousmane #Sonko