What concerning the portfolios of the artwork director candidates? How will the board members see them? – 2024-05-19 04:17:55

All of us have been ready for the announcement of the place of the Inventive Director of DIPETHE Patras, a place that has been “orphaned” for fairly a while. And we had been pleased once we realized that it was lastly introduced, though the time frames are greater than slim, with the outcome that not … Read more

DIPETHE Patras: Second stage at Barry, nominations for the position of artistic director – 2024-05-09 18:31:53

Second theater scene soon acquires the Municipal Regional Theater of Patrasproviding a temporary solution to the problem that has arisen with the closed, due to renovation work, “Apollo” theater. The president of our local chapter, Lydia Karathanasopoulouuses the first floor of its offices DIPETHE at Othonos-Amalias 6 and turns it into an industrial theater space, … Read more

DIPETHE Patras: Giorgos Roufas has submitted his candidacy and speaks to pelop.gr – 2024-05-01 05:27:51

“DIPETHE Patras is an organization that is of great importance, historical value and I am putting forward a plan for the coming years on how it will have an even greater social intervention in the local community, but also the wider region and why not also on a pan-Hellenic level”. This is what Giorgos Roufas … Read more

He declares himself ready and claims the position of Artistic Director DIPETHE Patras – 2024-04-30 05:26:20

Today is the last day of the deadline for submitting applications for the position of Artistic Director of DIPETHE Patras, and a surprise nomination arrived in the Achaean capital. We have come to love him through his participation in theater productions collaborating with great directors and performing important roles in the world repertoire. He has … Read more

DIPETHE Patras: “Naughty heroes” and “Exidavelonis” on tour – 2024-04-27 01:44:39

We may still not have an Artistic Director at DIPETHE Patras, but that does not mean that things are stagnant. And this is because the production of the central children’s stage of DIPETHE Patras, “Naughty heroes” directed by Yiannis Tsakonas, has already started its tour in the region, with the first two performances being given … Read more

The presentation of the show “O Fataulas Arhontas” was a success PHOTO – 2024-04-24 06:59:34

The folk theater performance “The Lord of Fataula” by Dionysis Giatras was presented with great success, at the Barry Theater of DIPETHE. Patras, on Saturday April 20, 2024, by the Cultural Association of Skoulikados Zakynthos “O Erotokritos”. It is a popular theater that in Zakynthos is called “Omilia” as street theater or theater “in the … Read more

Yiannis Kalatzopoulos and Varvara Doukas for the position of Artistic Director – 2024-04-23 11:42:36

The deadline for submitting applications for the position of Artistic Director of DIPETHE Patras is approaching and still, as far as the files that have arrived at the Theater’s offices are concerned, movement is slow. The first file that arrived at the DIPETHE offices, four days before the deadline, is that of the well-known actor, … Read more

The “parade” of names for the position of Artistic Director continues – 2024-04-18 08:36:09

There may be only nine days left until the deadline for submitting applications for the position of Artistic Director of DIPETHE Patras, but to date, not a single file has arrived at the Theater’s offices, even those of Tatianas Loverdou and Dimitris Georgalas, who as revealed a few days ago by “P” they are the … Read more