Spain increased purchases of Russian gas amid sanctions

In April of this year, the country purchased more than 5.3 thousand GWh of Russian LNG (or one fifth of the total import volume). Thus, the Russian Federation found itself in second place among the largest suppliers of raw materials to the country. Algeria took first place. From January to April 2024, Spain purchased more … Read more

Karla Panini lied: Maryfer Centeno assures that it did ‘hurt’ her to become a global trend after controversy over the Karla Luna case

The comic duet ‘Las Lavanderas’ separated in 2014, weeks after Karla Luna discovered the alleged infidelity of her then husband, Américo Garza, with whom she believed was her best friend, Karla Panini. (Credit: Youtube@Isabel Lascurain Open the box // Instagram: @kpaninimx) The controversial story of ‘Las Lavanderas’ was revived in 2024 thanks to the South … Read more

Spanish coalition asks government to ban Israel from Olympics

The left-wing Sumar party, part of the Spanish government coalition, is demanding that Israel be deprived of its right to participate in the Paris Olympics due to the bloodshed that occurred in the Gaza Strip. In their opinion, Israeli athletes should, like representatives of Russia, participate in the games under a neutral flag. Sumar would … Read more

Why is Rodri the captain in Spain

The captain of the Spanish National Team is Álvaro Morata but in this Tuesday’s match against Brazil, at the Santiago Bernabéu, The bracelet is not worn by Atlético’s, who is the player in the eleven with the most caps (71). The one wearing it is Rodrigo Hernández, Manchester City midfielderdespite the fact that Luis de … Read more

After ‘OT’ and ‘Reina Roja’, Amazon Prime Video shows off its production in Spanish | Television

The daring to move Triumph operation to the universe of streaming It is a bit of Amazon Prime Video with a Spanish flavor, of which it is already preparing a new installment. Also in Spanish, it is his latest major fiction release, Red Queen, a bet that has resonated so strongly (it has been among … Read more

On the trail of the greatest ghost of Spanish science | Science

The Spanish doctor Francisco Hernández set sail in 1570 from an old world that believed in fantastic creatures, such as the unicorn and sea monsters, and returned seven years later with colorful drawings of even more amazing beings, which also existed: the armadillo, the macaw, The toucan. Hernández, born in La Puebla de Montalbán (Toledo) … Read more

Ducati signs Fermín Aldeguer, the umpteenth pearl of Spanish motorcycling | Motorcycling | Sports

If the brand that dominates MotoGP with an iron fist notices you and wants to tie you down when the 2024 season has just begun, it means that they have detected something special. Fermín Aldeguer Mengual (La Ñora, Murcia, 18 years old) has long been pointing out ways as the next great talent in Spanish … Read more

The athlete Ouassim Oumaiz, Spanish 5,000m champion, positive in an anti-doping control | Sports

With the positive result of the athlete Ouassim Oumaiz, 24 years old and Spanish 5,000m champion, one myth disappears and another is reaffirmed. No, the peptide hormone GHRP-2 found in the urine of the Malaga athlete is not invisible to anti-doping laboratories, as many athletes believed who had reached such an encouraging conclusion based on … Read more