2023 Yule Log Dessert Trends: The Controversy Over Cédric Grolet’s Snowman Creation

2023-11-30 09:21:36 Cold, snow, garlands and other light decorations. There is no doubt that the end-of-year holidays are approaching and with them, the inevitable gargantuan family meals. Tradition among traditions, the famous Yule log is a table essential. All the greatest chefs therefore offer their version of this dessert. of videos Star in his field, … Read more

stole a car, fled and hit a father who was taking his daughter to school

2023-11-27 12:45:51 A shocking accident occurred this Monday in the Patricios neighborhood, in the northeast of the city ​​of cordoba. There, a Citroen C4 collided with another vehicle, hit a tree and, as a result of the impact, overturned. The driver is suspected of robbery and had to be admitted in serious condition to the … Read more

Two young people died when a motorcycle and a bus collided

2023-11-12 15:12:03 A 20-year-old young man and an 18-year-old teenager died this Sunday morning after starring in a road accident in the Santa Fe city of Fray Luis Beltrán, 25 kilometers north of Rosario. According to judicial sources, the crash occurred at the intersection of San Martín and Pueyrredón avenues, where a Honda Wave motorcycle … Read more

The preliminary hypothesis suggests that the truck possibly invaded the opposite lane

2023-11-12 04:05:00 Despite the intense cold and the forecast announcing snow, a group of tourists, mostly foreigners, decided early this Saturday morning not to change their plans. The contingent got into the van and left Bariloche before 9 o’clock ready to enjoy the excursion along the traditional Siete Lagos route. Almost at the same time, … Read more

How the survivor of the crash on Route 151 continues, his partner died while traveling to Neuquén

2023-11-04 13:18:15 The only survivor of the brutal head-on collision between a truck and a car on Route 151, near Catriel, remains in serious condition. His partner, a 63-year-old woman, died shortly after being taken to the local hospital. Health sources revealed on Friday night RÍO NEGRO Diary that the man of 72 suffered “trauma … Read more

Childhood Trauma and Adult Headaches: Understanding the Link and Prevention Strategies

2023-10-29 09:38:50 If you have childhood trauma, you are more likely to develop headaches in adults (study) Entered 2023.10.29 18:30 Views 2 Entered 2023.10.29 18:30 Modified 2023.10.29 09:13 Views 2 Research has shown that childhood trauma is one of the factors that cause primary headaches in adulthood.[사진=게티이미지뱅크]If you suffer from headaches that come on suddenly … Read more