What is the value of the “small face” dollar and how to change it?

The dollar “small face” It is one of the oldest designs of the bill in circulation, which shows the face of Benjamin Franklin in a small box, distinguishing itself from the “large face” (also called “medium face”) and blue, which have increased security measures. Where to change the small head dollars? The dollar “small face” … Read more

How is the Income Tax in this 2023

As a result of high inflation, as of January 2023 there are a series of changes in the Income Tax, among them, a new floor For Ian Muñoz Pederzoli 17/01/2023 – 06,38hs Throughout 2022, the wages were increasing to mitigate the effect of inflation. In this line, the Government took this factor into account, so … Read more

TRM today: price of the dollar today January 12, 2023 in Colombia | Finance | Economy

The second week of 2023 has not been good for the dollar in Colombia, but yes for the weight, that has strengthened against the foreign currency, which, this Thursday, January 12, already it was negotiated for less than 4,700 pesos. (Vea: Ministry of Finance auctions short-term TES for $375,000 million). The dollar opened the day … Read more

best investment according to your profile

Savers seek where to invest your extra pesosespecially on these dates in which the half bonus, although not everyone has the same degree of risk exposure to leave their money exposed. That is, there are certain alternatives according to the profile of each one of the people, who seek to beat inflation and protect themselves … Read more

The highest price the dollar would reach in 2023, according to experts

The year ends with inflation around 100% and a official dollar price that it has climbed below that level, but beyond these very high parameters, the concerns of economists move to 2023, because some of them warn that the exchange rate and prices will “fly” at a higher rate in the next 12 months. all … Read more