Unlock the Full Potential of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 with the ‘Good Lock’ App

2023-09-08 22:54:00 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 was released in Hong Kong. In addition to a major change in appearance, it also continues to focus on S Pen operation, and it has certain fans. But in fact, to make full use of Galaxy Z Fold5, it is strongly recommended that users install the “Good Lock” App … Read more

Retirement of Charles Martinet: The End of an Era for the Voice of Mario

2023-08-27 13:37:25 If you have played the classic Nintendo game Super Mario series, you must have heard the voice of Charles Martinet, the voice actor who played the protagonist Mario Mario. However, the 67-year-old voice actor who has been navigating the voice of Mario for 32 years decided to retire. Nintendo has confirmed this news. … Read more

DLSS 3.5: NVIDIA’s Revolutionary Real-Time Ray Tracing and Image Quality Enhancement Technology

2023-08-24 21:12:51 NVIDIA proposed DLSS 3 last year and announced an update to DLSS 3.1 earlier this year. And at Gamescom 2023, they announced the launch of a new DLSS 3.5 version. This update not only further enhances the image quality of the game, but also focuses on real-time ray tracing effect reconstruction (Ray Reconstruction) … Read more

Experience the Innovative VR Puzzle Game ‘HUMANITY’ on PS5, PS4, and Steam Platforms – A Highly Rated Action-Packed Adventure!

2023-08-22 14:11:00 The VR puzzle game “HUMANITY” developed by Japanese studio THA LTD and published by Enhance announced that it includes PS5, PS4 and Steam platforms. The game “HUMANITY” is an action puzzle game co-developed by Tetris Effect producer Tetsumi Mizuguchi. Players will transform into a ghost Shiba Inu and lead humans who have lost … Read more

Microsoft Office’s New Font Aptos: A Fresh Look and Improved Brand Development

2023-08-21 12:08:00 Many operating systems and software change fonts every once in a while, which not only brings freshness to users, but also marks a slight change in brand development to a certain extent. For example, Microsoft Office will switch to the new font Aptos next month to replace the 15-year-old Calibri. Microsoft Office is … Read more

Unboxing and Review: Corsair Darkstar Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Mouse – The Best Choice for MMO Gamers

2023-08-12 19:08:00 Recently, ezone.hk has unboxed a lot of e-sports gear with you. I believe that everyone can choose the best choice of e-sports headsets in the previous unboxing. This time, I would like to unbox the Corsair Darkstar wireless Bluetooth gaming mouse with you. This mouse has as many as 15 shortcut buttons. I … Read more

RazerStore in Causeway Bay: The Ultimate Destination for Gaming Enthusiasts

2023-08-11 10:30:00 The e-sports brand Razer’s RazerStore flagship store in Causeway Bay is now officially re-launched with a new look. On the first day of reopening, a “Yueba woman” became the store manager for a day to compete with game fans, attracting a large number of players to wait in line . 【Click here】to watch … Read more

Moving Out 2: The Ultimate Cooperative Moving Simulation Game

2023-08-05 16:20:00 Published by Team17 and co-developed by SMG Studio and DevmGame, the cooperative moving simulation game “Moving Out 2” (Moving Out 2) is currently popular with many players on the PC platform. Log in to Switch, PS 5 and other platforms.[Click here]now to watch more product unboxing videos with the App Hong Kong game … Read more