It turned out what Ukrainian refugees in Latvia are complaining about

Journalists of “” got acquainted with the experts’ conclusions. Since April 2022, IOM has regularly conducted surveys of Ukrainian refugees in 11 countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. In mid-April this year, IOM published several reports on the results of the policy of accepting Ukrainian refugees … Read more

A way to feel young revealed

Experts analyzed data from 429 people aged 18 to 70 years. Respondents reported how old they felt, how often they didn’t get enough sleep in the past month, and how sleepy they were. It turned out that every night of poor sleep made people feel 0.23 years older. The researchers also conducted an experiment with … Read more

Researchers looked for a middle class in Latvia, but never found it

Research was carried out on issues of social inequality, but mainly on the poorest part of society, including for the purpose of consultation for the Ombudsman of Latvia. Research into changes in the middle class, which is the backbone of society, is hampered by a lack of funding. “It is not entirely clear what we … Read more

The increase for ANSES retirees and pensioners was confirmed: when and how much they will receive

The increase for ANSES retirees and pensioners was confirmed: when and how much they will receive Economy and business > retirees Retirees and pensioners of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) already have clarity about their income for March with the corresponding increase. The increase for ANSES retirees and pensioners was confirmed: when and how … Read more

Matthew Collins: The Descent into Hell and his Fight for Life Against Glioblastoma

2023-11-13 18:53:00 Matthew Collins, a Welshman from Swansea, experienced what we call a descent into hell in the space of a few months. The man, complaining of severe headaches, went to the emergency room and was prescribed analgesic medication to temporarily relieve his pain. A few days later, the situation did not improve and even … Read more

Unveiling the Truth: The Sole Existence of Sagittarius A* in the Milky Way Galaxy Proven by Max Planck Scientists

2023-10-30 08:47:32 Scientists at the German Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics have proven that there are no other large black holes besides Sagittarius A* in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Scientists at the Institute used in their calculations the data they obtained with the help of Gravity devices installed on the European … Read more

DGIST, Kyungpook National University, and KIOM Discover Astroglial Cells and the Role of APOE4 in Alzheimer’s Dementia

2023-10-19 07:53:01 DGIST, Kyungpook National University, and KIOM produce astroglial cells using pluripotent stem cells and conduct related research. DGIST Neuroscience Department Professor Jinsoo Seo (from left), Hyein Lee, integrated master’s and doctoral student, and Sookhee Jo, senior manager at Illimi Therapeutics / DGIST Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) announced on the … Read more