How much is it trading this Saturday, December 24?

Look at her minute by minute quote for the purchase and sale of the official euro and the blue euro. The euro quote this Saturday December 24 at $182.00 for the purchase and $191.00 for the sale, so it remains stable compared to the last price. Regarding the currency in the parallel market, the euro … Read more

With a height of 2 km.. The Public Investment Fund is heading to construct the tallest tower in the world in Riyadh and to disclose its cost

Al-Marsad Newspaper: “Meed” website revealed that the Public Investment Fund intends to construct the tallest tower in the world with a height of 2 km on an area of ​​18 square km north of Riyadh. Contractors said that the cost of constructing this tower amounts to 5 billion dollars, equivalent to 18.75 billion Saudi riyals, … Read more

A new rise of the dollar in Egypt… How much did it reach today?

The price of the dollar rose against the Egyptian pound, today, Monday, after its stability for nearly two days, after its unprecedented rise. Today, the dollar exchange rate recorded 24.15 against the Egyptian pound, approaching the 25-pound barrier, which is an unprecedented price in the history of Egypt, in preparation for the country to obtain … Read more

Watch .. “Badour Al-Brahim” reveals how many times she got married… and the reason for not announcing the number of her children

Al-Marsad newspaper: The fashionista Bodour Al-Brahim revealed the number of her marriages and the secret of not announcing the number of her children. Bodour said during an interview with the media, Ali Al-Ajmi: “I got married 3 times in halal, thank God, but the shortest period is 4 months, with the last remaining, no, by … Read more