Title: “Mystery of the Missing 19-Year-Old: Search for Clues at Leuven Fair”

2023-09-06 07:33:59 This Tuesday evening, a 19-year-old young man disappeared during the Leuven fair. The emergency services were then present on the spot to search for the individual, in particular in the event that he had fallen into the water. of videos “We don’t know yet if he actually ended up in the water,” police … Read more

The Dangers of Sitting for Long Periods: How it Affects Your Health and Tips for Prevention

2023-09-01 23:07:35 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Doctor Malik Al-Jamzawi warned of the dangers of sitting for long periods, because it causes the body to suffer many diseases, including atherosclerosis, diabetes, and heart efficiency. The doctor said, in a video clip circulating on the “Tik Tok” application, that long sitting has negative effects on various organs of the … Read more

The Series “Crystal”: Episode 46 Reveals Intense Drama and Shocking Twists

2023-09-01 04:52:04 The series “Crystal” is achieving great success and interest from viewers, who follow its episodes and are eagerly waiting to know the events of the next episodes. Episode 46 of the series carried many new events, with the followers interacting with it greatly, as Alia, who is played by actress Pamela Al-Kik, does … Read more

Brave Saudi Snake Tamer Expels Dangerous Cobra from Village in Al-Baha

2023-08-30 21:09:28 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented a Saudi snake tamer expelling a dangerous “cobra” snake, hiding inside a narrow hole, near the farms and homes of the people of Al-Jadia village in Al-Baha. The clip showed the removal of stones from above the cobra’s burrow until it was controlled, and the following footage … Read more

Legionella Outbreak: University Hospital in Rzeszow, Poland Reports 3 Deaths and 71 Infections

2023-08-23 18:05:37 Today, the University Hospital in the city of Rzeszow, southeastern Poland, reported the death of 3 people from infection with Legionella bacteria, in addition to the infection of 71 others who were taken to the hospital. The hospital spokesman, Andrei Sroka, indicated that 3 elderly people died as a result of being infected … Read more

Link Between Wuhan Pneumonia Virus and High Blood Pressure: Study Finds Alarming Rate of Hypertension in Severe Cases

2023-08-22 01:45:00 A study in the United States found that among patients infected with the Wuhan pneumonia virus, more than one-fifth of the severely ill patients were diagnosed with high blood pressure, which is about twice the rate of ordinary patients. (Reuters) [Compiler Lin Jiayu/Comprehensive Report]The medical journal “Hypertension” (Hypertension) published a research report on … Read more