A way to feel young revealed

Experts analyzed data from 429 people aged 18 to 70 years. Respondents reported how old they felt, how often they didn’t get enough sleep in the past month, and how sleepy they were. It turned out that every night of poor sleep made people feel 0.23 years older.

The researchers also conducted an experiment with 186 people aged 18 to 46 years. For two nights they slept only four hours and two nights for nine hours. After partial sleep deprivation, volunteers reported that they felt 4.4 years older.

Subjective age correlated with how sleepy participants felt. Thus, feeling more alert was associated with feeling four years younger than one’s actual age, while feeling very sleepy was associated with feeling six years older than one’s actual age.

The authors conclude that the results provide strong evidence that insufficient sleep and sleepiness have a significant impact on how old people feel, and that maintaining sleep is likely a key factor in feeling young.

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2024-04-01 01:05:35

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