A way to feel young revealed

Experts analyzed data from 429 people aged 18 to 70 years. Respondents reported how old they felt, how often they didn’t get enough sleep in the past month, and how sleepy they were. It turned out that every night of poor sleep made people feel 0.23 years older. The researchers also conducted an experiment with … Read more

Gustav Ågerstrand: “It would have been a completely different film if we hadn’t been friends”

He has followed the artist Sara Parkman with the camera as she tried to understand love. The documentary portrait is coming soon As we have loved. The year 2024 is the spring of Swedish music documentaries. After the first Swedish synth film Dusseldorf Scaniathe Empire depiction A heart is always red and southern Sweden’s response … Read more

Bob Marley: One Love | The entertainment guide

Biopics about artists rarely impress. Most often, these films act as “best-of” compilations of musicians’ careers, where the feeling is that the scriptwriters have gone through appropriate Wikipedia pages to efficiently, but often without feeling, assemble longer periods of time into two-hour feature films. Instead of following the trend goes Bob Marley: One Love its … Read more

Morocco Condemns Koran Burning in Sweden: Latest Updates and Reactions

2023-06-29 06:05:31 Morocco condemned an “offensive and irresponsible” act and recalled its ambassador to Sweden after a copy of the Koran was burned in Stockholm, according to an official statement published overnight from Wednesday to Thursday. “The Swedish government, once again, authorized a demonstration which took place today (Wednesday), during which the Holy Koran was … Read more

Day 485 of War: Zelenskyj’s Progress on the Southern Front | Air Alert, Dam Collapse, and Child Killings in Ukraine

2023-06-23 00:33:57 Day 485 since the beginning of the war: Zelenskyj sees progress on the southern front. The Ukrainian secret service has confirmed an attack on its headquarters. All information in the news blog. The most important things at a glanceLoading… Embed Air alert in all regions of Ukraine 2.23 a.m.: Air raid alarms went … Read more

IMF warns of ‘disorderly’ house price corrections in Europe amid high rates

2023-04-28 08:58:16 A pedestrian inspects advertisements for residential properties for sale in Stockholm, Sweden. Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images STOCKHOLM, Sweden — The International Monetary Fund warned Friday of “disorderly” house price corrections in Europe, at a time when the region is struggling to bring down inflation. In its latest regional economic outlook for … Read more