Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro: The Ultimate Gaming Phone with Hardware Ray Tracing Technology and New Game Releases

2023-09-28 05:05:00 (Photo/Bloomberg) Apple released the iPhone 15 Pro this year, focusing on the best gaming phone. By introducing hardware ray tracing technology, Apple announced that it will port a number of 3A-level games, including “Evil Castle Village” and “Evil Castle Village”. Fortinet 4 Remastered Edition, Death Stranding and Assassin’s Creed: Phantasms, the latest prices … Read more

Galaxy S24 Series Unpacked: Rumors, Release Date, and Specs

2023-09-26 07:53:43 Galaxy S23 Series Unpacked Rumors have spread that Samsung Electronics’ next flagship smartphone ‘Galaxy S24’ series may be released early in January next year. On the 26th, overseas media Sam Mobile reported that the Galaxy S24 series could be announced on January 18th next year, citing tipster Ice Universe Weibo report. Samsung Electronics … Read more

Top 30 Free Switch Games in 2023: No Switch Online Required!

2023-09-26 13:00:54 Most of the 30 recommended free Switch games in the latest update of 2023 do not require Switch Online|It has been about six and a half years since Nintendo Switch was launched, but it still maintains strong growth, with the number of owners and players increasing. If you have a Switch and have … Read more

The Last Case of Benedict Fox: A Twisted Metroidvania Murder Mystery with Lovecraftian Influences and Enhanced Gameplay for PS5

2023-09-25 14:45:05 “The Last Case of Benedict Fox”, a new work by Polish indie developer “Plot Twist”, was launched for PC and Xbox in April this year, but Plot Twist has issued a new press release announcing the release of this work. Officially announced support for PS5. It has been revealed that it will be … Read more

Samsung Electronics Introduces Good Lock 6.0 Update for One UI 6.0: Customization Tools and New Features

2023-09-25 00:32:14 Samsung Electronics announced the Good Lock update for One UI 6.0 version. On the 23rd, Samsung Electronics announced through its official community, “The Good Lock 6.0 version will be launched simultaneously with the distribution of the official version of OneUI 6.0.” Good Lock is a Galaxy-specific application introduced by Samsung Electronics in 2016. … Read more

Xbox Series X Mid-Term Update: Cylindrical Design, Wi-Fi 6E, & Stronger Specs Revealed

2023-09-24 18:34:00 Although Microsoft had previously mentioned that there would be no mid-term updates for the Xbox Series Xbox Series X will have a cylindrical design and will not have a disc drive. Microsoft’s latest court documents revealed that the Xbox Series X will receive a mid-term update. The new version of the Xbox Series … Read more