North Dakota Waterfowl Season: Tips, Updates, and Whooping Crane Sightings

2023-09-29 06:00:00 BISMARCK TRIBUNE STAFF Last Saturday marked the start of North Dakota’s waterfowl season for resident hunters. State wildlife officials are expecting another good fall duck flight. The Game and Fish Department’s annual summer brood survey indicated that hunters can expect a flight 23% above last year’s. The estimated number of Canada geese in … Read more

To commemorate the release of ITZY JAPAN’s 1st Album “RINGO”, collaboration cafes will be held in Tokyo and Osaka! – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

2023-09-29 06:05:35 To commemorate the release of JAPAN 1st Album “RINGO”, a collaboration with ITZY has been decided!We will enliven the album release by providing a collaboration menu with the motif of the album title “RINGO” and distributing original benefits 🍎In addition, the ITZY MV is available in a special playlist exclusive to this collaboration!Please … Read more

iOS 17.0.2 Update for iPhone 15: Resolve Data Transfer Issue & Security Vulnerabilities

2023-09-28 14:27:17 iPhone 15 phone owners had complained of a problem that prevented data from being transferred directly from other iPhones when setting up iPhone 15 phones for the first time. Apple had first launched the iOS 17.0.2 update for iPhone 15 phones, before making it available now to all iPhone users who have recently … Read more

Exploring the Mighty Mississippi: A Journey through History, Music, and Culture

2023-09-27 09:18:17 Deep in the southern United States, on the outskirts of the small town of Clarksdale, John Ruskey climbs into a canoe and paddles out onto the “father of all rivers,” as they say here. To that murky stream to which America owes so much: power, wealth, world literature, the blues. The water helped … Read more

KAT-TUN|Live Blu-ray & DVD “KAT-TUN LIVE TOUR 2023 Fantasia” released on November 8th|15% point return only online until 23:59 on September 26th!

2023-09-25 07:06:03 Get 15% points back online only until 23:59 on September 26, 2023! *Tower Records stores are not eligible for the 15% point return. “Store hold/reservation service” is also not applicable. From “KAT-TUN LIVE TOUR 2023 Fantasia”, a complete recording of the Yokohama Arena performance on May 3rd!!! Blu-ray 6191557:L 6191560:L DVD 6191558:L 6191564:L … Read more

A full day of appreciation for the brilliant musician Gabriel Yared: ‘Change in Lebanon has become an urgent need because the situation is no longer tolerable.’

2023-09-24 21:00:00 In the midst of nightmares filled with disappointments from the bitter reality, the international composer Gabriel Yared returned to Beirut through a fleeting visit to the family, stopping by the “Tabaris House of Culture and Arts” to share from the threads of memory his career filled with music from its beginnings to the … Read more