Day 485 of War: Zelenskyj’s Progress on the Southern Front | Air Alert, Dam Collapse, and Child Killings in Ukraine

2023-06-23 00:33:57

Day 485 since the beginning of the war: Zelenskyj sees progress on the southern front. The Ukrainian secret service has confirmed an attack on its headquarters. All information in the news blog.

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Air alert in all regions of Ukraine

2.23 a.m.: Air raid alarms went off in all regions of Ukraine on Friday night. According to unconfirmed reports, Russian cruise missiles, drones and hypersonic missiles have been shot down. The Ukrainian military only reports attacks on Telegram. Explosions were reported from some cities, including Kherson. It is unclear whether these come from the air defense or impacts.

Ukraine: Russia makes dam victims disappear

11:22 p.m.: According to the Ukrainian president, Russia has formed special groups to make the victims disappear after the Kakhovka dam collapsed. “The Russian devil wants to collect the corpses with special troops and of course destroy them,” says Volodymyr Zelenskyj in his evening video speech. The Ukrainian military states that the epidemiological situation in the affected areas has drastically worsened due to the spread of hepatitis A.

UN report blames Russia and Ukraine for child killings

6:57 p.m: The United Nations has put the Russian armed forces and their affiliated armed groups on its “list of shame” for violating children’s rights in the Ukraine war. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was shocked in a report by the frequent attacks on schools and hospitals and “the high number of children killed and injured” in Ukraine.

The “List of Shame” stigmatizes states and organizations that the UN accuses of violating children’s rights in conflicts.

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According to the report, 477 children were killed in Ukraine last year. 136 deaths were attributed to Russian forces and associated groups, 80 to Ukrainian forces. In addition, according to the report, 909 children were mutilated, 518 by Russian troops and 175 by Ukrainian troops. The paper was handed over to the UN Security Council on Thursday and is due to be published next week.

EU Commission: Ukraine is making progress towards the EU

6:53 p.m.: According to the EU Commission, Ukraine has made progress on its way to talks on joining the European Union. The responsible Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi announced on Thursday in Stockholm that Ukraine has so far fulfilled two of the seven prerequisites for the start of accession negotiations. In addition to reforms in two important organs of the administration of justice, decisive changes have been made in the media sector. On the other five points, Ukraine is on the right track and progress is being implemented on time.

Last year, the EU officially made Ukraine, which had been attacked by Russia, a candidate for accession. Before the start of accession negotiations, however, the country must first meet seven requirements. This involves, for example, the selection process for Ukrainian constitutional judges and a stronger fight against corruption – especially at a high level. The EU is also demanding that standards in the fight against money laundering be observed and that a law against the excessive influence of oligarchs be implemented.

The Republic of Moldova, which was granted EU candidate status at the same time as Ukraine, has reportedly implemented the necessary reforms in four out of nine points. In October, the EU Commission will decide whether to recommend that the EU heads of state and government start accession talks. However, this is not a guarantee of membership.

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Conference pledges EUR 60 billion for Ukraine’s reconstruction

5.40 p.m.: At an international reconstruction conference for Ukraine, foreign donors pledged 60 billion euros for the reconstruction of the economy of the war-ravaged country. “We did not intend for this to be a donor conference,” British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said at the end of the conference on Thursday. “Nevertheless, today we can announce a total of 60 billion euros in support for Ukraine.”

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