(Shadow) The Russian Army Elegy!Drunk lying on the battlefield and hiding from trash cans, surrounded by onlookers, and attacked by high-explosive grenades while using the toilet in the wild | International | Newtalk News

A drunk Russian soldier hid in a trash can and slept soundly, attracting onlookers and laughter from Ukrainians.Photo: flipping twitter During the four-month period of … Read more

Chae Dasom, choreographer for IVE’s ‘LOVE DIVE’, said, “We choreographed the choreography so that we can show the pretty faces of the IVE members.”

Choose the choreography of Lachika instead of the choreography you created yourself‘I’m not sorry I didn’t appear in Supa Girl group IVE’s ‘LOVE DIVE’, which … Read more

“Not here” while taking the ring… Paris Disneyland employee blocked proposal [영상]

A Disneyland employee steals a couple’s ring from a proposal at Disneyland in Paris, the capital of France. News 1 At Disneyland, a theme park … Read more