USA: teacher lets students (5) starve – he eats his excrement | news

Bad case of school failure in the US state of Texas! There, a primary school teacher, together with two assistants, will soon have to answer in court. The raven trio are accused of abusing a five-year-old boy. Five-year-old had to eat his poop As American media reports, the scandal had already happened in April last … Read more

Three dead in Brazil school shooting News

The killer was masked with a skull and crossbones and held a large caliber weapon in his hand. Images from surveillance cameras show a man who caused a bloodbath in Brazil on Friday morning (local time). According to media reports, the alleged perpetrator shot two teachers and a student and was caught after he fled. … Read more

Telephone call with Russian soldier: “Tell us how many of us are dead!” | politics

Since the attack on Ukraine, one thing has become clear: Russia is covering up the numbers of fallen soldiers. How many compatriots lost their lives in the brutal war of aggression is only rarely announced – and then far too low. This whitewashing is apparently also causing massive frustration in their own army. This is … Read more

Emergency calls in Bremen and Hamburg disrupted: 112 and 110 severely impaired | News

112 and 110 severely affected | Emergency calls in Bremen and Hamburg disrupted The emergency call in two German Hanseatic cities is severely disrupted! In Bremen and Hamburg, the emergency numbers 112 and 110 are severely impaired. The police and fire brigade control centers are currently operating in emergency mode. “At the moment there seems … Read more

Explosion in Istanbul! At least 10 injured | News

Governor: There are deaths | Explosion in Istanbul Explosion in a pedestrian zone in Istanbul! According to reports, there was a loud bang on Istiklal Street, which is a shopping street popular with both tourists and locals. Videos on Twitter show people running away while others are motionless on the ground. A destroyed plant pot … Read more

Three cables cut: Attack on worldwide internet connection politics

Cables have been cut again in France. But this time the attackers apparently aimed precisely at international data traffic. reported about it „“. The industry service writes that the strangers struck on the night of October 19. Three fiber optic cables were cut near Marseille. This time, worldwide data highways are affected, over which information … Read more