The American nurse was sentenced to 760 years in prison – World

A unique case of punishing a nurse has recently taken place in America where a female nurse has been sentenced to more than 700 years in prison for killing her patients. An amazing incident of its kind has happened in the American state of Pennsylvania, where a female nurse named Heather Presidi killed 17 patients. … Read more

Creation of the French College of University Teachers-Researchers in Nursing Sciences (CoFECSI)

2023-12-05 15:51:41 Teacher-researchers in nursing sciences from French universities have decided to come together within a national college, the aim of which is strategic reflection on nursing care, teaching and research in nursing sciences, in the all fields and sectors of practice, including specialized and advanced practice. Since October 31, 2019, the nursing university sector … Read more

Inspiring Stories of Female Nurse Heroism on High-Speed Trains: Yang Lu Saves Lives

2023-11-24 10:08:24 Female nurses from Sichuan encountered medical emergencies on high-speed trains traveling back and forth. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo) Yang Lu, a 28-year-old female nurse from Sichuan, mainland China, recently took a high-speed train to Henan to attend her sister’s wedding in a foreign country. Unexpectedly, she encountered “medical emergencies” on the high-speed train carriages … Read more

Remembering Dad: Our Journey with Vascular Cancer and Hospice Care

2023-11-21 11:31:23 My father passed away two weeks ago, and I want to remember the memories of the last few months through words. Suffered from cancer for the first time eight years ago At the beginning of July this year, my father’s chin became swollen, and the whole family began to persuade, threaten, and induce … Read more

British King Charles III Celebrates 75th Birthday with International Nurses at Buckingham Palace

2023-11-15 14:44:57 London: British King Charles III celebrated his birthday with nurses from countries including India. Charles celebrated his 75th birthday with nurses from other countries at Buckingham Palace. Nurses from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Kenya also participated in the celebration. 400 nurses and midwives were invited in the celebration. Gun salutes were … Read more

The Heather Pressdee Murders: Uncovering the Shocking Truth Behind the Nurse’s Deadly Conscience

2023-11-07 04:14:45 How many lives has Heather Pressdee (41) taken on her conscience? The American will soon have to stand trial for murder. Currently only two cases have been charged – although the number of victims could be many times higher. Because when Sister Heather was on duty, a striking number of people died. “A … Read more

CH Le Vinatier: a cooperation protocol for monitoring patients on Clozapine

2023-11-02 16:50:55 The Le Vinatier Hospital Center, a reference establishment in psychiatry, has just implemented the local cooperation protocol “Follow-up nursing consultation in a Medical-Psychological Center for patients on Clozapine”. This innovative initiative, inspired by the HPST (Hospital, Patients, Health, Territories) and ASAP (Acceleration and Simplification of Public Action) laws, represents an important milestone in … Read more

2023 Agri-food Technology Startup Accelerator Program: Investment Opportunities for Incubating Companies

2023-10-27 09:52:36 Money Today Reporter Ryu Jun-young | 2023.10.27 18:52 Providing investment opportunities for incubating companies participating in the ‘2023 Agri-food Technology Startup Accelerator Program’ [이 기사에 나온 스타트업에 대한 보다 다양한 기업정보는 유니콘팩토리 빅데이터 플랫폼 ‘데이터랩’에서 볼 수 있습니다.] 2023 TAP UniFarm Demo Day Site/Photo = Tap Angel Partners Accelerator Tap Angel Partners announced … Read more