Shocking Car Crash Involving US President Joe Biden’s Security Convoy

2023-12-18 02:47:42 Shocking moment for the US President and his wife! According to eyewitness reports, a car crashed into a parked SUV belonging to US President Joe Biden’s security service. After the car crashed into an SUV from Joe Biden’s security convoy, security forces drew their weapons. Others spoke to the driver Foto: NATHAN HOWARD/REUTERS … Read more

Trump’s Controversial Prison Photo: A Campaign Booster Worth Millions

2023-08-27 01:47:19 What would be a portrait of shame for any normal citizen is a campaign booster for Donald Trump (77)! As his campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said, the police photo taken in a prison in the US state of Georgia on Thursday has already brought 7.1 million US dollars into the presidential candidate’s coffers. … Read more

Donald Trump’s Trial: Indictments, Courtroom Drama, and a Bad Mood

2023-08-05 07:35:23 He was in a really bad mood – and not so much because of the charges that could see him behind bars for the rest of his life. Donald Trump, 77, was on trial again Thursday for his role as a would-be “coup plotter” after the 2020 election defeat. Magistrate Moxila Upadhyaya formally … Read more

“Playboy French State Secretary Marlène Schiappa: Interview, Photoshoot & Controversy”

2023-04-17 12:12:19 This Macron minister melts the hearts of the French… The “Playboy” issue with France’s State Secretary Marlène Schiappa (40) on the front page has become a sales hit. As “Playboy” director Jean-Christophe Florentin announced on Monday, the 100,000 copies were completely sold out after just three hours on the day of publication. According … Read more

Stormy Daniels: Porn star testifies against Trump – hush money after affair? | politics

This hearing was perhaps raunchier than many… Porno-Star Stormy Daniels (43) has before the New York Attorney’s Office against the former US President Donald Trump (76) testified. The focus of the investigation: hush money payments that she is said to have received from Trump so that she does not talk about the common affair. Ex-US … Read more

USA: Secret documents also found with Vice President Mike Pence | politics

In the USA, the affair is spreading to secret documents from earlier years of government! According to media reports, documents classified as secret have also been discovered in the home of former Republican Vice President Mike Pence. A lawyer for the politician found about a dozen documents in his house in the state of Indiana … Read more

Kanye West – next scandalous interview: “I like Hitler” | entertainment

He was one of America’s biggest music stars. But now the scandal rapper is sinking Kanye West (45) always deeper. West followed up his recent anti-Semitic tirades with another outrage. In an interview with a conspiracy theorist portal, he said: “I don’t like the word ‘evil’ in connection with Nazis. I love Jewish people, but … Read more